Shining bell.

I remember when I was deciding what to wear for prom and decided about a totally sequined dress and of course I couldn't find one anywhere ! Until I found it on a website, now is a whole different story sequined dresses are making a huuuuuge comeback! 

Baroque Lust

Baroque lust

I've been so busy writing my essay for the university I am applying in Miami that I haven't had the proper time to dedicate myself to the blog! Anwyays now that I am done with my essay and I am all about Baroque why not sharing this amazing Polyvore set? I made this myself and below you will have all the details on where to get these amazing pieces! 

Hat Obssss

I love hats like this one in the picture! And I have been searching for them everywhere and of course in my country I was unsuccessful with my searching but I found an amazing one in Brown in ! 

Pop to your Eyes!

I had the necessity of sharing this picture with you guys! This necklace took my breathe away! I don't even know if it is a necklace but this neck piece is soooo beautiful! I think is so pop to your eyes and the huge contrast with the black top is perfect to caught someone¡s attention in a very stylish way!

Sweet Winter

Fall is in the air and winter is just around the corner for most of you! Here is a completely different story, not that different but anyways... We are in spring and it is freezing as middle of the winter, that's why this cool sweaters are a perfect entry for today! 

New look!

When I was in Argentine I was literally thinking all day long in what I want, who I am and what I like.. well and beyond stuff! But something that stick in my mind all these past few days is a change! I want to have a new look! 

Prepare for that wind?

I am huge fan of oversize clothes and of course slouchy sweaters and very loose tops are my favs! Sweaters for winter and shirts for summer! They are all adorable and super comfy!

Tribs Obsesh.

I know I've been writing a lot of tribal related posts but I am amazed how versatile it can be ! Many of us would think it can be worn in just one way.

Hey yo


I am back! I know that there is technology and I can bring a laptop with me to post on the blog but every time seems to happen something that wants me off blogging! But now I am back and ready to roll! 

Buenos Aires, here I come.

I'm so excited to going away to Argentine with my friends!!! Really great things happen if you keep a positive mind! We are going to this amazing event of Fashion that Palermo University is throwing for all of us, the fashion lovers! (And is a great opportunity too if you want to study fashion design since Argentine is a great place if you live in Latin american!)
Can't wait to share with you all the pictures and the exciting things wea re going to do while we are there! Be sure to follow me on instagram @Rafaellaonline and on Twitter @rafaellaonline Have a great week guys! 

Pop it!

Hey people! I needed to share this pic because the jacket caught my heart! I loooove the print it has and the mix of colors is beyond amazing! So spring/summer ! Kim Kardashian really styled that blazer really well because the all black ensemble with the pop of color of that piece it is just divine!

Pretty Pastel

I don't know why but lately I've been obsessed with the all pink pastel outfits or even touches! So feminine it makes me feel I am in beautiful spring with the birds singing and the sun shining! 

Rocker chic!

I was checking up Kendall and Kylie Jenner's website and suddenly saw her look for the Justin Bieber concert. I love the rocker style she did and it inspired me to create and entry of this!

Chill Conrad.

A perfect way to dress when you want to chill out in your house or even just go around running some errands! A pir of black leggings, nice over size sweater and a pair o heels and you are ready to go! But if you want to be even more chilled out you can switch the heels with black converse ( I Love them! )

Enjoy the beach!

 I miss the beach so much! Wouldn't be nice to get away for at least a day by yourself and enjoy the breeze of the beautiful sea?