Keep Calm Composition

I am crazy about composition itself and when you add some fashion and cool things to it, makes it even better for my taste! I love to work in an inspirational space and these little things do exactly that. It is amazing how your mind can be transported to a whole creative world you never thought it existed with these pretty things around you. I've always been a huge fan of having my work space very neat and fashionable, since it gives me more clarity on the projects I have to work on! 

Trendy Tuesday's: Slouchy Pants

There is no wonder I love slouchy pants, they look so effortlessly chic (sometimes, okay) and it is so easy to pull them off if you are tall like me. I love how comfortable they are and how they are a statement piece itself... It adds the perfect balance between sport and chic thing, even with a little  hip hop vibe in there. 

The long wear YSL.

It's vacation period in my country, I've been reading a lot and I am also improving my blog, so I don't have that much time to create wonderful and cute and super over the top blog post (just right now!). I know I posted about this lovely lipstick from What I got for christmas but since I have been using a lot of lipsticks lately, I had to share the one I am literally wearing all week! I just love this shade (109). 

Hair Rockin'

I have a huge love for editorial pictures, they have something like mysterious about them and super fashionable at the same time. I wanted to give you something a little different from what I normally post and it is about hair... Since I cut my hair like 2 inches (which I now regret) I've been looking for hairstyles and how to rock my hair ... and this picture, it DID inspired me! .. By the way, don't you like my signature now? (below).

New In!

Hello lovely readers! I've been a little bit too crazy shopping lately and I just couldn't stop thinking about a pair of boots I saw in Zara like 2 weeks ago, and finally decided to buy them! I love them so much, the rare thing is Zara shoes run super small on me so I had to get 41 Europe size which is far from my real one and they fit good, I wouldn't say perfectly cause they are a liiiiiiiitle tight but super little... and I just loved them so I had to get them! 

Trendy Tuestday's: Bomber Jackets

The sporty layering pieces get more edgy for spring with the adventurously colorful prints! Some luxe textures, velvet with silk for example are the details that melt my heart while seeing this cool piece! I love how bomber jackets lately are a piece of art, that my friends is fashion! 

Yay or Nay : Revlon Photoready Concelear.

A New section I'll be having in my YouTube Channel! And it is called YAY or NAY! I explain a lot more in the video and don't forget to subscribe!! xoxo.

Ralph Lauren A/W 14'

I have Ralph Lauren on Facebook and the minute I saw all these pictures I was stunt, oh my god, what a beautiful collection my eyes just witnessed! Seriously, the collection was one of my favorites of all times and it simply because it has that pure factor, clean lines, fur, grays, whites and elegance! I am in love! You can check out the whole range at Ralph Lauren's Facebook page and it is from their A/W 14' NYFW Collection! (to die for, I know!). 

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I hope your day is filled with love, even if you don't have a boyfriend enjoy this day with your family and friends! Lots of love! 

Major Throwback!

It feels like I just visited Paris yesterday and it really have been 2 years since I went, what a magical city! Can't wait to go back! It is like the movies! You breathe fashion, love and lights (yes breathe lights) everywhere is just a magical corner you want to discover!

Valentine's Day demure make up tutorial!

My latest video on my Youtube Channel! Don't Forget to check that one out! It is a very demure, simple and elegant look for Valentine's Day using my NAKED 2 Palette by Urban Decay ;)!

Trendy Tuesday's : Cocoon Coats

The latest trend we are all loving, at least I am! It is this cute and I think a little vintage style cocoon coats!  It just reminds me of the old times (the times where I didn't even existed) And let me tell you something, vintage is far from my vocabulary and I think is the most indescribable word for me out of all. But these coats have something that makes me travel to Paris in winter and imagine a whole wonderland.

Zara statement

Yesterday I went to a new mall in my city, pretty one I have to say and I went directly to Zara.. it was empty, no people, plenty of space and super well organized (props to Zara!). And as I was looking for some stuff with my  mom we both realized how amazing the Zara teams pulls together the outfits! It can be as simple as tank top but they make you want to buy it since the whole outfit they arrange for you is absolutely perfection! 

New York Fashion Week Update

I needed to make public why I couldn't make it to New York for fashion week... I have to say first that I am so thankful for all the invites I received and I every time I think about NYFW it brings so many AMAZING memories.. Straight to the point, bad timing for the tickets + what happened in January, I just couldn't organize everything and stayed here. I would have love to meet New York with the frosty look but I am sure I will see it one day ;)! 

Colorful bags!

I've been into colorful mood lately it is really insane! I use to say that no matter if we are in summer or winter I shouldn't wear dark colors in winter and brighter in summer.. but that has changed so much now! I feel bad painting my nails black (which I love that nail color) and I feel really weird to paint them neon pink in winter! So that runs with bags too! Lately I've been so into a blue bag that I have it is unreal! Take advantage of the season you are and play a little! Don't forget the other season will always come next. 

Beauty and Fashion Haul

Here is anew video for you guys! I am just sorting out my schedule so I promise between next week I will get everything perfectly well managed! Anyways, enjoy and subscribe! :) 

Floral Intrigue

I love floral prints and skater skirts. Since every print is different I love to own several, but sometimes that keeps on going to my head is the ones like watercolors or super high contrast (picture up and down) They are great for every single season and the basic tops and jewelry touches is what makes these prints so interesting!

January Favorites Video!

So hey people! I finally showed my face for my Youtube Channel and I have to say I am pretty excited about it! :) I started with nails and now with my January Favorites, I still will post a lot of blog entries here so don't expect me to go out of here AT ALL! I will be back with my fashion/Style posts once I get everything organize with my videos and calendar! lol. I hope you love it and don't forget to subscribe! And tell me which are your favorites from January :)? 

Heart Dotted Nails Tutorial

Here's my latest nail tutorial! Stay tuned for tomorrow's video! ;).