Bye bye 2013!

Yet another year is coming to an end and I am so thankful of having a travelling year again! Last year was Europe (my whole 1 month trip) and now was Brazil in the Summer, then Miami Beach where my heart is and the place I like to call home and then being able to go to New York for fashion week was definitely a milestone in my life! With all of that of course is the family and friends time and I got to meet new people this year who truly gave me what a friendship is! Anyways, I am so grateful for everything I have and I had this year and all my life! Here's to another even greater 2014!!! 

The colored Bday!

Wow I can't believe we are 3 days away from a new year! and like 12 for my 20th birthday !!!! wooooow where did the time go seriously, 20 years, I am going to cry now. Anyways I will be posting tomorrow what I got for Christmas (I know it's late) but I just wanted to share some awesome products my mom gave me! For now I am just sharing what I might wear for my birthday, for those who didn't understand by the picture, COLORS! I am a fan of colors and I think my birthday in the middle of the summer is a perfect opportunity to wear some! ;)

The NYE Booties!

The year is fast approaching to an end, and with that of course we are asking ourselves what am I going to wear for NYE!? With that being said I have the perfect advice for those who live in winter cities this time of the year ... Booties! I love the ones above and in general booties are one of my fav kind of shoes ever, plus with a dress they look super chic and more edgy style, so it is perfect to receive the new year with some statement shoes! Also don't forget to check out my store I just added some stuff! and don't forget to follow me on twitter an instagram @rafaellaonline ! 

Chanel under the tree

I am excited to share what I got for Christmas and specially excited when I saw these two amazingly bags under my tree!!! I loved it!!! Btw I was going to upload some designer accessories on the website but because of photo reasons I can't .. stay tuned anyways for more updates! ! 

Merry Christmas!

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas everyone!!! 

Memories that will never fade!

 I can't believe how fast the year went! I mean I feel like yesterday I went to Europe and its been more than one year from that! I feel it was an hour ago I went to NY for fashion and the list goes on and one ... Where are the days going? so fast.. that's why we have to be so grateful for everything we have and we have lived! and I was going through my pictures and I just can't help myself but sharing them! 

Acrylics or not?

So I am really turned, I was having my appointment yesterday for my acrylics but I just didn't felt like doing them and now I kinda regret it, but still I want to have them now... I am so indecisive seriously! What should I do? 

SHOP The Style Stash

Ok, so I don't have many items in my store right now because I decided to dedicate to sell more accessories than clothes. And I am just starting to do that. The whole concept of this store was born because I wanted to give you a lifestyle with my blog, but selling just clothes didn't really filled me, and now I want to try a new thing, the accessories and everything to live this cute The Style Stash Lifestyle! You can buy everything HERE

The blues of life!

Who is not extremely busy with Christmas shopping and the lasts exams, good news I am officially on vacations so I have more time, still with Christmas shopping is very hard for me to get back on track. I hope you've liked my videos so far and you are staying tuned for more things on the blog. I love these 2 pictures, because I have to say I love the color blue! .

Winter Christmas Nail Tutorial

Another Christmas tutorial for y'all! Something more winter-y to celebrate this amazing holiday! 

Christmas Nail Tutorial

My new video is up and ready to enjoy! So be sure to check it out if you need cool Christmas nails! I love this! Another Christmas video will be up next Monday, Enjoy! Remember to share it with the hashtag #TheStyleStashvids ;)! 

BMW X5 Launch.

Hey guys! So yesterday I got invited to the Launch of the new BMW X5 which I have to say was AH-MAZING! So incredibly modern and it was perfect! I had a great time at the event, there were cocktails (even though I don't drink ;) ), food, great music and a good vibe!  With the time I got to take these pictures of my outfit and I hope you enjoy them! Btw I just posted my second video on my Youtube channel so be sure to check one that out! Have a great week people! 

Geo all the way!

These geo sweaters are so on trend lately, I am amazed, seriously they are everywhere and every corner you could possibly look into. And I love them too! I think they are the perfect way to be super comfy and casual but adding a cute elaborated touch!

Glam/edgy Nail Tutorial!

You know, you know I am obsessed with nail art and every time I make something in my nails I want to take it off to try a new thing, that's why after I tried acrylic nails (which I love) I never use top coat again ... (that way it is easiest to take the nail polish off). In normal nails I wouldn't recommend to not apply top coat since your whole design will be a hot mess in like 2 days! And with that being said here is my first Youtube video!!!! Don't forget to share it with your friends and with me with the hashtag #Thestylestashvids

Colors !

The color of the year is.... Radiant Orchid, which is the one above (or maybe similar, it looks more like the one at the bottom), anyways if you still can't figure exactly which color is head to and you will catch some awesome stuff in this color. Btw it is the color of the 2014.


My dad is going off to the states and you know exactly what that means right? I am going to ask for some things I personally need and now is the perfect time to get them, specially avoiding shipping! But I am seriously torned about these two ... the NAKED palette from Urban Decay, I've heard so many great things from all 1,2 and 3, but now I really can't make up my mind which one I really want. The NAKED 3 palette is of course out of my mind since it was more rose gold colors (which don't really compliment my skin) and it is sold out everywhere... but now comes the 1 and 2 which I love both ... but maybe the NAKED 2 palette it is just too much glitter? I don't know, seriously I need some help!!! 

The Style Stash on a Magazine!

So exciting! And I am so sorry I didn't noticed you on Sunday but I just knew this yesterday ... or like 2 days ago! It is amazing to see your name in a magazine and specially contribute to a great article! As I've said million times, I am so grateful for the experience I had when I went to New York and can't wait to repeat it for the next Fashion Week! This, is truly pure joy! You can read more HERE. Or if you bought the La Tercera Newspaper it came with the Mujer Magazine! (For all my Chilean readers!) 

The perfect Room/Office

 I decided to get a little out of the normal and sharing my love from House Decor .. Lately I've been wanting to change my bedroom in a whole another way (which is impossible because of the lack of space, lol) And I even though about getting rid of my bed and just throwing a couch and some more "office" like stuff...Which is a bad idea cause a couch doesn't seem too comfy. Anyways.. enjoy!

The green greens!

Uhhhh.. 2nd December, where did the year go!? Seriously, I am 1 month away from my birthday and be 20 :| CRISIS. But I'm not going to talk about that right? I am loving greens and this outfit is perfection to me, vibrant at the same time super chill and not very dramatic.. this, is the way to go honeys! (Sorry for my lack of writing I have a test tomorrow and haven't studied a thing!).