From here to a million more.

It is no secret that this trend has captivated a lot of people and with the time flying there has been some changes in the way of adding this kind of print to the fashion pieces! 

Chameleon way!

I love how neons took a whole thing in the trend side and how pastels came in, and I think this shoes are absolutely a compliment between the two trends, the vibrant purple as neon and the green and nude take the pastel seat, isn't amazing? Love 'em! 

From woman to girl.

Summer is here, it's a fact (of course not in my country!) But we had a glimpse of summer on Sunday and let me tell ya I miss summer so much and I am so ready to go to the Sunny Europe in only 3 weeks!!! (or even less) That's why I am posting my favorite types of edgy shorts! 

Bring me a little bit of Sunshine!

Yaaaay! I cannot be more excited because my computer is finally home and ready to use! (It has little details, but I can blog so that is totally amazing!) Now I know I have to backup everything so that way I can use my laptop the next time! hahaha. But now talking about fashion, since I am studying fashion design, which I am so excited for! I've been asked to do a couple of skirts already and here are one of my favorite type of skirts! 

Wanna see more?

As you know I am still with no computer at all! And the only cool pics I have in my phone are Nail related so here are a few of my creations! Enjoy!


Hey dolls! Starting with a big sorry because my computer is broken and I cannot post anything because I don't have any pictures and I cannot upload them... I will be posting with my iphone so, sorry if it bothers you or everything! Meanwhile you can follow me on instagram (@rafaellaonline) and see my latest pics! Xo lovelies!

Arm Candy!

If you have instagram and follow any other blogs you will know the "Arm Candy" term is going strong now! What it means? .. not so difficult.

Edgy enough!

I cannot take my eyes off this amazing handbag, tiny, big enough, edgy, and so functional! Croc/Snake skin type and in one of my fav colors! purple! I think this edgy bag should be in everyone's closet, though it is designer's one (I am pretty sure) so it might not be available for anyone, but try to search in Forever21 or H&M !! 

Spice it up!

Accessories are the spice up things we need in our outfits and I put together the bests ones you should always have (at least one!)

B or B ?

B or B? Read more to know what I'm talking about!

Nail polish addiction!

Few days ago I went to the DBS beauty store and got some amazing nail polishes! I am a huge fan of China Glaze because they dry so fast! So they are perfect if you are on the go! 

Summer-beach-body... READY?

It is no secret that most women have issues with their bodies, and I am one too! But if you don't accept the way you are, you will never change. Just be positive, and if you follow The Secret (as me) you will know positivism is the way to go! Anyways, read more for cool tips on loosing weight!!

Sleek and sweet.

I really think, lace, sheer, gold and black make a perfect combination. But with polka dots it makes it even better! Classy and stylish, sometimes when we don't know how to wear black to not be seen like a workaholic person instead of a New Yorker model, can be really tough! here are a few of my secrets! 

Purple Purfect!

I have to say one of my obsessions growing up was wearing purple! It gave me so much energy and since my favorite color was black I always said, I want to have 2 favorite colors, one bright and one... black.

What I've been up to!

Yes, I am terrible, I know I keep making promises about uploading videos but I just see myself with no time at all! But this post, NEEDED to be done and that's why I am taking the time of telling you what I've been up to this past 2 weeks! 

Of Moon Birds & Monsters Fashion show!

Hey dolls! Yesterday I was invited to a fashion show from Of Moon Birds and Monsters I had such a great time that I can't wait for you to read the whole entry!