Happy NYE!!!

Last day of the year! It is amazing how the year went so fast! but I am so excited for the one that is coming! I hope all of you have a great starting of the year and spend a great night! Did you read my How to Dress for NYE ? if not be sure to check that out!! 

How to dress this NYE!

I know maybe is too late to tell you how to dress for NYE! But maybe you can change a few things from your outfit after you hear this ...

Launching my Youtube Channel!

The picture says it all! I am launching my new youtube channel.. I am learning but that doesn't mean it is bad.. totally the opposite I am with the energy 110% and ready to take The Style Stash to the next level, are you sure you can handle it? I invite you to this adventure I am taking and to enjoy the benefits of it! 


Hey loves! I wanted to share this great pair of shoes... 

Super cozy!

How was your Christmas!? I hope you guys received a lot of presents but of course the most important thing.. spending time with your loved ones and celebrate the birth of Jesus! I decided it was too much summer ish in my blog and since the most part who reads it is in the middle of the winter I decided to go with my top big sweaters! 

Happy Christmas Eve!

Happy Christmas Eve everyone! this posts counts as a Happy Christmas and Happy Christmas Eve since tomorrow I will not  be posting anything! 

Maxi Skirts&Pants

Lately I've been so much into maxi skirts and pants! They are perfect for the summer weather and they are super fun to wear! Plus they are super comfy and create a great stylish combo! 

Fav Polyvore Sets!

Since I haven't been very daily with my posts as I promised... I wanted to share my fav polyvore sets I've been showing you guys over the year!!! A little of them .. but my favorites! If you want more just comment below and let me know what you think :) !

Blue is the new Black?

I'm not very sure. But what I am sure about is the blue is definitely in my closet this summer and the rest of the year! It is such a vibrant color and let me tell you, nail polish... the blue is the right shade this time! so what are you waiting for?

Carnival Color!

Since my vacations to Brazil are around the corner and I was listening to Brazilian music, I figured out why not posting something colorful and full of joy and life? ...Carnival Colors!!! 

Isn't this amazing?

Feeling Cat...

One of the latest trends that I've already talked about! Faux fur!... of course the monochromatic looks are perfect, but the one that is stealing the scene is the leopard print !

Sexy and Joyful !

I thought I needed to share this amazing picture with you guys! I absolutely love it .. the whole composition brings me such joyful and it is so sexy at the same time ! I love the bright colors and that's why I am sharing this two pictures! 

Romantic Style

I am seriously in love with blazers, and this one is no exception! I adore it, the whole outfit actually. the perfect silhouette and color palette is something that makes me want to wear every day ! 

Like the Merry Christmas banner?

In the midst of war, our human nature to love, even the descendants of our enemies, still prevails in one way or another.

As you can see the Holidays have invaded TheStyleStash.com! and I am so glad because this is one of my favorite holidays... it is about spending time with your family, give love, spread love and peace to everyone... in one day we all feel like one family!
Did you know that at a war both armies that were fighting against each other established that the 24th December they all would hang out and have a special Christmas dinner, ALL TOGETHER!? Yes.. we can fight violence with love and peace... we just need to be ourselves and be more conscious about what we do, think and say. Remember actions speak louder than words!

Rock and Edgy?

The rocker kind of accessory, Studs, they come in every color, shape and size. They give you an edgy look and the rocker style too! They are fun to accessorize with jackets, shoes and bags, but when you are loaded... is not that great! 

Wedges Summer/Winter Style.

Hello lovelies! I am definitely a little bit busy these couple of days so I am sorry if I am going to post entries with little text on, but of course the pictures will keep on coming ! 
What I am really loving are the fab wedges, perfect for winter and summer! 

Street style someone?

I've posted an entry before about Streetstyle and how much I love this photos to inspire my day to day outfits!  Here I will let you enjoy some of my fav styles! 

Crazy prints!

Life is all about crazy prints and here I just filed my beloved ones that I want to share with you! Sometimes can be easy to pull out a crazy print... but sometimes can be totally otherwise!

Don't know how to dress for Christmas?

It is the second day of one of my favorites months! and I made a promise to myself to try to post every day of this beautiful month... I will start thinking about what to write for 31 posts! hahaha. And that will include 2 Nail Tutorials, and 2 Make up Tutorials (SPECIALS!) .

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!

 Hey everyone! Happy 1st December, the last first day of a month of this year! I can't believe how the time went so fast ! every year now it seems to go faster and I seriously can't wait to be finally in my vk's worrying about nothing ! Did you guys watched the Victoria's Secret Runway show this past 29th November  ?