Hey everyone! Happy 1st December, the last first day of a month of this year! I can't believe how the time went so fast ! every year now it seems to go faster and I seriously can't wait to be finally in my vk's worrying about nothing ! Did you guys watched the Victoria's Secret Runway show this past 29th November  ?

I watched the previous runway show in my iPad with the amazing Victoria's Secret iPad app and I wanted to watch it again yesterday but something went wrong and the app can't launch :(  So if you have the same problem as me you can watch the video at Victoria's Secret website!! 

I have to say I love this brand, and I would buy everything of their store! I absolutely adore the simple or just over the top bras, panties, yoga pants and accessories! They make something simple look very classic or something over the top way to elegant! They can make trashy lingerie but it doesn't have anything TRASHY! everything is very elegant, classic, over the top , sexy and so appropriate !