Living alone; NYC Girl

You always dreamed about it when you were in high school, you would always say 'When I turn 18, I'll be out of my parent's and enjoy life'. Let me tell you the truth. Best decision I've ever made, al though not because I wanted to leave my parents, I adore living with my mom and I miss her every day, as well as my dad and the rest of my family. But living by yourself is such a journey, emotionally and physically (because now you have to take care of yourself in every way. Not so good at cooking huh?.. yeah me neither). 

3 Work wear tips for summer!

Now that I am working at a proper office my daily outfits have changed, from being a sales specialist at Victoria's Secret and wearing jeggings and a sweater or shirt all black now has come the challenge of dressing office appropriate with a comfy touch and let's be real, a personal statement as well. In Chile work wear is disgusting to say the least, the most boring clothes and everyone seems like they are wearing a uniform bought at a very disgusting thrift shop from the 50's so I was having that mentality of 'How can I dress better and not copy that hideous style'. 

TSS Destinations : Ibiza!

Me and my best friend were looking to go somewhere with great weather, nice crowd, amazing parties and overall the best energy for her birthday celebration. That's why we came up with the idea of going to Ibiza but I asked everyone I knew and people that would go into the store I work in, to ask them if Ibiza was a good idea in December, turns out, it's not. It is the worst idea ever and the time for Ibiza is right now, around June really, but not close enough to December. And since then I've seen everything and everyone talking and going to Ibiza, that's why I decided, why not gather some pics and outfit ideas for a nice Ibiza trip? It could be a weekend, a whole week or a month (if you are that hardcore) but here are my inspirations for some Ibiza time! Scroll down to see some fashion! Stay tuned for more #TSSDestinations!

Transitioning weather

Spring or Fall ? That is the real question here in NYC, that's why I gathered some of my key pieces to this transitional weather, I hope you like it!!!

The New York girl

You drive me crazy, sometimes I just want to hit you in the face, I get tired of hearing your name, I get jealous when people see you, I get excited for another day with you. Every time I walk I think about you, it is something so inevitable in my day to day routine, I feel you, breathe you and see you, all day. And I can't get bored of you, I need you in my life and to think I might loose you one day makes my heart pound. But you know what? I love you New York City, you have something magical, something indescribable, something everyone has to experiment one day. From winter to summer, to spring and fall, to different temperatures and color hues, you are truly one of a kind. 

Your New York girl. 

New In, The nudes

I am a sucker for shoes, if they were collectibles I would buy them all so then I could sell my collection for millions of dollars, but thinking about it .. I actually wouldn't sell them and just stare at them all day long, which is both stupid and ridiculous. But I couldn't resist and I had to buy these.