City of Lights

Red and white is never been the super on trend combo, but it is definitely one that I love a lot, because it reminds me of the beautiful Paris!

Half this, Half that!

 Another week, another day! That means another beautiful day to share the awesome collections of my online store! And today is the beautiful peplum half lace/half leather (fearless, huh?) 

Trends 2013: Coral obsession!

Just what I said yesterday! Color is in a huge boom and coral is talking its way! Such a Summer/Spring color! I love to pair it with cute jeans and summery outfits! 

Sunday Inspirations: "The Color Boom"

No surprise color is still in.. after all is color, and we all need it one day or another! The great thing about this, is the awesome boom that color is having! Everyone is encouraging everyone to get into this bright color mood, and let me tell ya, I am definitely in there! 

3 Casual but stylish Fridays!

I am starting my new Friday Series! It is going to be a 3-week post of how to spice up your outfit for those lazy Fridays or even Sundays! 

DIY Lip's Art.

I am so excited because this is my first DIY post!!! I saw this amazing idea and immediately wanted to share! Since I am re decorating my room, I figured that with so many cheap or things you have in your house you can spice up your decor! And here is how to! 

Firmoo Glasses Giveaway!

I am so lucky to announce the coolest giveaway so far! Firmoo contacted me with this awesome idea!

Purple Love.

Hey guys! I wanted to share as usual, some of the items I have in my store! Since Prom (for Chile) Is coming and wedding season already started I figured why not sharing cool formal dresses with colors! Cause you don't have to be boring!

Trends 13': Denim on Denim.

I am starting a whole new era on my  blog! And this week is the real kicking off (Because it is Monday) And we all know what that means... Starting the new diet, lol, I am kidding, though happens to a lot of people. But that is not what I am going to talk about. The new section of all the upcoming Mondays! Trends 2013 (What a creative name huh?) (I just make myself laugh so much sometimes).

Sunday Inspirations!

It is all about inspire yourself. The more you have different images and textures and situations in your mind, the more creative you can get! Always try to take advantage of the weather, the trips you make, the things you eat and different cultures that might caught you attention! Always try to find things to inspire yourself!


Everything is going to change next week ;)! 


Soft Hues

Soft hues... who doesn't like them? I mean, seriously they are so simple, elegant and classic!! They are perfect for summer (so you don't get heated up with the weather) And they are so easy to pull off !! 

Inspirational Collage

 My first class of Fashion Design was about creating definitions and just the search and analysis of information… There they gave us a book we all needed to read for the next class, and that book was magical to me, because it showed us the steps of creating a fashion line or just creating.


Awesome huh? 

For Lazy Days!

I love lazy Sundays and looking just casual! With this beautiful blouse you can accomplish that and more! Spicing it up with accessories or just matching it with jeans is perfect for a casual/lazy but still Stylish Sunday! You can get it HERE

Between Casual and Formal.

I fell in love with the top the minute I saw it! I think it is perfect for a more elaborated casual day! And if you add pointy heels in a fun color that is exactly what you are going to get a casual/elaborated (which is not always a bad thing) I think it is actually the middle between casual and formal! 

Crop it now!

I thought to add a little bit of more color since the latest entries have been all in black! Adding more color I am resting length definitely! Because it is summer for most of my readers and I wanted to share these awesome crops that I am selling in my store! Be sure to check them out! HERE.

Beloved Bazaar

Editorial or magazine pictures make me melt! I love them, the bold picture and the great clothes! I think we always need to see this for inspiration and this one really inspired me. 

A mix of Prada and Coachella!

Ok, so these 3 pieces are my beloved ones lately, edgy, rock, hippie I don't know what they have but they caught my attention really hard! I love the crop top with the cut out shoulders (great statement) And the sunnies remind me of Prada and Coachella! You can get them here

Travel Diary is now up!

I want to inform you all, that my Travel Diary now is up and running! Hope you enjoy it and feel you were in the trip with me! Have a great day guys!

You Nailed it... Literally.

Today is for a little of nails!I have a trick under my sleeve that you are going to love! I bet is super difficult to take off your glitter polish.. right? I know is a pain in the ass and here is a super fast and great trick on how to take it all of in only 10 minutes and no force at all! 

Spotlight black.

Hello people, are you in love with the dresses? well me too, but you can easily get them at my online store... Click Here or Here, or even the button above this entry or the same in the middle... There is no excuse not to get these awesome dresses! lol.