Last Minute Halloween Ideas

Hey peeps! Today I've got a new video of little tips and advice for Halloween, I know last minute, but I bet 80% of you don't have a costume yet lol. 

Inspiration for life.

Alexander Wang x H&M

First of all, forgive me! I didn't photographed my outfit or my makeup and that was a huge mistake since I looked soooo pretty (yes, super humble right there). Anyways I attended the Alexander Wang x H&M event in Chile and I quite liked it, it was fun, edgy and the clothes were pretty, though I have to be honest is not something I would wear on a normal day basis or in a hot country since they were too thick for my taste ( a girl who loves chiffon blouses). Anyways, the music and after party were amazing and I had a great time! 

Top fall Nail Polish!

Urban in the clouds

So I stumbled across this AMAZING dress, which made me fall in love in seconds! I love how simple yet stylish it is, the color is like a hybrid between like a grey with light blue, it makes me think of clouds and being up in the air not worrying about a thing. I think the boots gives it the perfect touch to a more urban outfit and the rest of the accessories are just a must with this outfit! 

Don't stop.

If you can't stop thinking about it. Don't stop working for it. That helped so much over my life and I truly believe in it but still there's something that bothers me about all these sayings that you have to work hard and stuff. I am not a firm believer that you have to work your ass off, cause honestly who wants to work super hard that you can't have a life or a family, or talk to your friends? I am a firm believer that you if you can't stop thinking about it. Don't stop dreaming about it. And work towards your dream at your own pace.

A little piece of my world.

Hey people, today I figure why not showing you my Room Decor and give you some ideas for yours too! Lately I've been all on with my "creative juices" flowing and that's why now I put my pencils and markers on the jars in my desk. Also I have a "moodboard" of all the things I love, is not much of a moodboard to get inspiration, is more of looking at things that I really love and making me feel amazing. 

Gypsy horror Halloween Tutorial

I wanted to do a Pirate tutorial but with the head band it turned out more gypsy and at the end I really liked how it turned out! I hope you love it too !:) 

Lorac pro 2

Let's start like this. I was in Miami and I needed to buy more makeup, like my body and face and my whole self asked for make up and suddenly I was watching "old" youtube videos and decided to buy the lorac pro 2 palette. I cannot be more happy of my purchase! I LOVE this palette, I never thought I had cool undertones until I read a LOT and actually this palette is perfect for that, so it was a win win situation. 

New In: YSL Palette

My mom went to Argentina a couple of days ago and I asked her to please bring me a Chanel lipstick if it was cheaper than here (result, it wasn't) and suddenly she surprised me with this AMAZING palette from YSL! I adore this palette, mainly because I love the lipstick colors, the blush , the brand in itself and the gorgeous package. 

New In: Nike Love

YAHOO! YES, LOVEEEE... those were the words I say when I got them or saw them .. I AM IN LOVE with black and white Nikes and having finally found them is a dream come true. I went with a purpose to the US and said to myself I was going to get monochrome Nikes and I did and I cannot tell you how happy I am now they are in my closet. 

Noir Tease

Hello my beautiful angels ( and no, I just realized it was perfect for the body mist I am showing lol), today I am sharing with you my favorite body mist at the time (which is like a perfume) ! Since I was waiting at the cashier and then saw this beauty I threw it into my bag and got directly in my heart. This is a super nice scent, very sexy but still fresh. Is from Victoria's Secret and it is called Noir Tease