Hey people, today I figure why not showing you my Room Decor and give you some ideas for yours too! Lately I've been all on with my "creative juices" flowing and that's why now I put my pencils and markers on the jars in my desk. Also I have a "moodboard" of all the things I love, is not much of a moodboard to get inspiration, is more of looking at things that I really love and making me feel amazing. 

Also I have a lot of tech going on and the cables are driving me insane, that's why I grabbed some headbands (which they are so tiny I don't even put on my hair so they were sitting there doing nothing lol) and wrap all my cables with them and put them in a little plate (which was a food plate, but here is all DIY-ish lol ) Also I put my other shelf (which I took down and never put it back) and there I have some souvenirs of places I've been and things I've been gifted and the one below is all about fashion books and my photo albums. Also I bought that Buddha and never got the chance to put it anywhere and there sits absolutely great! Every time I look at it, it just gives me a zen moment which I love, cause that culture is just so fascinating to me!