March 26, 2015

Wedding dresses

Nope, I am not getting married. 

There is definitely no wonder I adore fashion, but what you might not know is that I love surfing on wedding dresses websites. Lame, I know, I am definitely not even near to get married but the thought of white beautiful gowns captivates my heart in a very unique way. One day I got an email from DressStreet to talk to you about wedding dresses and I immediately thought, Now I am only missing husband (a pretty important part in every wedding) so my second thought was, Wedding season is fast approaching and what better way to help you bride to be than showing you some amazing dresses from this website! 
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March 25, 2015

New In: Statement Earrings

Let me start with how much I love these earrings. The other day I was thinking...-Ok lets rewind to the time Catherine Zeta-Jones wore an emerald green gown to the Golden Globes, that is when I wanted this kind of statement earrings (though I imagined them in green but still). I really had in my mind to buy statement earrings, a long time ago, I know but I never found the perfect ones that were in my head. 
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March 24, 2015

Honey Berry

If you are any like me, you are obsessed with bold lipsticks, honestly I cannot imagine my life without a nice bold fuchsia or a very dark purple, even a black lipstick. That's why today I am sharing my obsession with this new lip liner by Essence Honey Berry

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March 23, 2015

Fashion&Beauty mini Haul

So today's there's no Inspirational Monday since I decided I should upload a video sooner than later. I woke up at 6am and seriously I've done so many things since I just woke-up I decided this was going to be your inspiration! Wake up early, do stuff and be positive, Mondays are not that bad, is just a matter of mind! So here is a mini fashion/Beauty spring haul for y'all! I hope you enjoy it :) 

Shop the Products:

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March 21, 2015

Today's look

Today is Saturday, my kind of familiar day, I don't know why but we never get together on Sundays, we just don't. So Saturday is the day where I want to be comfortable, fresh and polished at the same time. I have to be honest, I never have too much makeup on, except from when I go to events and things like that. But for days like this, I rather go on a more "No makeup, makeup" than my average out and about days.
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