November 22, 2014

Stash it Saturday : Miami Life!

Miami nights, Miami lights, Miami sunsets, Miami stars, Miami moon, Miami sea, Miami shops, Miami people, Miami sand, Miami life, Miami memories, Miami beach, Miami Magic Nights. 


November 20, 2014

Most loved coats

Both coats are from ASOS
Coat 1 // Coat 2
 Every time the winter goes and the Summer starts makes me want to buy coats and not because I am a weirdo, because I see all these Europeans wearing AMAZING wintery clothes. How can you not resist a faux fur coat? or this amazing long duster coat?! I love these simple yet super chic and stylish coats are, they are definitely something I would purchase and wear right away, if I didn't have the 32 C degrees here. 


November 19, 2014

The Farm Company x adidas Originals

Rarely I wear Adidas or Nike clothes if it is not for working out, but this collaboration for adidas has made a huge impact in my life (yeah, that dramatic) I am amazed of how lovely everything is! I love everything, I love the bold colors, the bold prints and still having that comfy factor which is extremely important for me. 

November 18, 2014

November 16, 2014

Office Decor

Lately I've been seeing myself searching all over the web for home decor, specially for office style .. Let's clear this up first, I do not own an office, my bedroom is my office since I have everything I need here, except a little more space, which I know half of the world may complain about that! 
Anyways, I figured why not sharing inspiration for your desk or office with these cute little things to spice up any room you have in your house! Nice candles, pops of color and a nice glass full of flowers is a must for mine! 
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