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The Style Stash.

February 5, 2016

Spring palette

I was going to start with ' Oh spring is fast approaching' reality is. It isn't. I'm in the summer in Chile and where I live (NYC) is winter. Although is approaching I wouldn't say fast but who cares?

February 3, 2016

Gray obsession

I don't know if I am too much of a trend follower (although I like trends but never wear them, sometimes) but gray has been one of my obsessions. It started in NYC when I needed a turtle neck gray sweater so I could wear it underneath a black faux fur coat (which never got any of those). 

January 31, 2016

Where is your happy place?

So where is it? What do you think your happy place should have? 
I am going to open myself to you guys. And I honestly feel I've been much more open lately on the blog! and I quite like it. So, I live in NYC, I was born and raised in Chile and I always thought Miami was my paradise and although still is my paradise there have been a little changes along the way, where I have been asking myself, where is my happy place? 

January 29, 2016

Payday Wishlist!


January 28, 2016

3 Things for life

I've enjoyed so much doing these kind of posts where I share 5 things to do in NYC or 10 things to a happier life! I've demonstrated myself that I can live the life I want if I just follow simple steps. I am a Capricorn and it cannot reflect more my personality and one thing we all capris have is we give amazing advice but never follow it in our personal life, that's why these little lists help me so much! Today I am sharing 3 things for life. For your life, for anyone's life. Just life.