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The Style Stash.

May 2, 2016

The New York girl

You drive me crazy, sometimes I just want to hit you in the face, I get tired of hearing your name, I get jealous when people see you, I get excited for another day with you. Every time I walk I think about you, it is something so inevitable in my day to day routine, I feel you, breath you and see you, all day. And I can't get bored of you, I need you in my life and to think I might loose you one day makes my heart pound. But you know what? I love you New York City, you have something magical, something indescribable, something everyone has to experiment one day. From winter to summer, to spring and fall, to different temperatures and color hues, you are truly one of a kind. 

Your New York girl. 


May 1, 2016

New In, The nudes

I am a sucker for shoes, if they were collectibles I would buy them all so then I could sell my collection for millions of dollars, but thinking about it .. I actually wouldn't sell them and just stare at them all day long, which is both stupid and ridiculous. But I couldn't resist and I had to buy these. 


April 30, 2016

May Wishlist

Lately I've been more out there with my choice of clothes and even makeup. Since I moved to New York (Can't believe this month is going to be a year!) I've been saying to myself, repeteadly, to get out there and get out my comfort zone, which has given me the opportunity to see things with a new perspective and have amazing new experiences. So with clothes is pretty much the same thing, the more you are open to try new things, great things you will discover and you'll never be bored! 

April 27, 2016

3 ways to dress more edgy!

I've always been attracted to edgy styles, like black accents, kind of rocker yet a little goth (Did I tell you when I was a little kid I wanted to be goth when I grew up!?). And sometimes I have to say I dress a little tough, little edgy, but always feminine. So wanna know 3 easy ways to be more edgy?

April 25, 2016


Central Park
New York City is hectic, let me say that. So going out and about in heels is not always the best option and I was thinking what could I wear that could be comfortable yet stylish and not just simple plain sneakers. Finally my mind clicked and I saw myself browsing ASOS and for my good luck I found these awesome shoes, made in Italy and a gorgeous light blue color and suede fabric. They are perfect to run around the city yet being super comfortable, because of the platform my feet don't hurt at the end of the day anymore!