April 15, 2014

P.S From Paradise.

No, this bag didn't came from fashion paradise, but it looks like it did. The second I saw this bag I was totally in love and I couldn't think of anything more.. It remind me of a birkin bag and if that is not a deal breaker for you, I don't know what else should be cause this bag is to die for, plus the color it has is absolutely vibrant and it gives me energy like I could conquer the world with this little showstopper! 


April 14, 2014

Out of the city

From time to time I get the chance to get away from the city for a whole day, and the light here was just too perfect for not taking any selfies. It is true, I dyed my hair (only my ends) just to try the ombre look, not too blonde since I didn't want to bleach it, but since my mom and grandma are 2 american red haired I just can't have those blonde high lights or low lights by nature, I have more of red in my hair and that's the reason why it looks more red than blonde! 


April 12, 2014

Back to the old self

So I decided finally to get back to the old super long nails! I have to say I feel so good with them on, I just feel way more American (weirdo I know) Anyways I haven't done too many nail art since I threw away all of my brushes (stupid!) and I just ordered some that I am extremely excited about lol. I hope you like the latest I've done ... only one lol. 

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