Day out in Tribeca.

I took these pictures a looong time ago! But for sure it was taken in one of my favorite places and one that I go to a lot! Maison Kayser in Tribeca, don't ask me why! But I love this café in this part of the city, is just near everything that I love it brings me back to that Parisian feeling when I went 6 years ago and is near the water which for some reason relaxes me A LOT! 

Score on me

I don't know from where or whom I got this thing for books. I've read so much over the last few months that I set a goal to myself to read 100 books by the end of this year and so far I am about to reach it or sort of! It is insane how much I've read and all the stories I now have in my head and sometimes it does make me feel like I am wasting my time since most of the books I read are just stories (of course I read some "educational" books as well) but if I start thinking about it really, it gives me a lot of vocabulary and different fun facts that sometimes can be things you should know! 

Thanks to the books now I have a bucket list of places I want to go to, for some reason I tend to associate the characters with the places so now every time I see The Maldives for example I remember the characters of that book. To be honest, reading is so much more fun than watching a movie, it makes your head work but in a cool way, in a way of just imagining and creating whatever you want based on a book. I tend to imagine the characters and practically play the movie in my head and sometimes I catch myself smiling or even screaming while reading this awesome stories. 
So I will try to do a weekly thing or monthly to share the books that I've liked so far! 

Today is "Score on Me by Melody Heck Gatto" I just finished this book a couple of days ago and  is about a girl that is not confident with her figure and falls in love with a famous hockey player, yeah granted you know the ending but I like the moral of the story, that taught me to not be so hard on myself and you don't have to have the perfect body. That's what these books are about, sometimes they are not educational per se, but they help you understand certain circumstances or they help you in your day to day. I would highly recommend this book for everyone in search of a love story and good message on body confidence, also it is great because is very light to read and you will finish it in no time! 

Capricorn - Marrakesh - Art

ring is from Mejuri

I have so much on my mind lately that is hard for me to even write blog posts to make it "cohesive" I'll go straight to the point and show you what I am loving lately. 
I bought this ring not long ago and absolutely fell in love. When the trend of signet rings came I really didn't love them since absolutely everyone was wearing them and if you know me, I love trends but I can't stand everyone wearing the same thing and seeing an overload of it. But this one, I had to get it. Not only because is a trend I like now but because it is also the constellation of my Zodiac sign (I'm a Capri) so good job there Mejuri!

Also, the filter the pictures have is the new trend on Instagram that I hate to say has become so uniform, everyone posting the same thing, same filters, same grid. I tried to be a little different but this filter is addictive! You can check my stories which sometimes are cool and artistic that I hope you enjoy!

Best dressed at the Royal Wedding

Lady Kitty Spencer
I've been only to one wedding in my life and I wish I could have dressed like any of these wonderful ladies in this post.  By far one of my favorites was Lady Kitty Spencer wearing a green D&G dress and that fascinator was insane! 

Of course Victoria Beckham is on my list as well, but I mean she is a set one in there, everything she wears is perfect. 
Someone that really surprised me was Carey Mulligan, I don't know if I am biased because I loved her role on "An Education" so much, or if it is the Erdem dress is truly perfect for a Spring wedding. 

Wearing Victoria Beckham

Wearing Erdem

These shoes killed me!! I need them. 

All royalty vibes here. 

Wearing Dolce & Gabbana  

Royal Wedding Re-cap!

The #RoyalWedding is finally here! I mean, it was. How time flies right? Well I still remember when I saw William's and Kate's wedding. I had school but I asked my mom to stay in and watch the entire thing, it started like at 5 or 6 am as well and after watching it and went to Tumblr to repost absolutely all the pictures I could find. 
So today was no exception al though I have to confess I had to wake up later because I was extremly tired and my body wouldn't cooperate to wake up at 6 am lol. To be honest, the dress didn't impress me but the traditions and history, as always, certainly did. 
I am a sucker for traditions and royal dynasties so watching another royal wedding was definitely in my schedule. 
Go to my instagram to see the beautiful photos I put together. 

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3 ways to deal with change!

I cannot believe I didn't post these pictures I took in Central Park during fall, they are stunning! But you know what fall is associated with? Change, the much dreaded change. And let me tell you, if someone knows bout change its me and if someone knows how hard change is, its me and how to hate change its me, but I'm converted now. I like change, ok that was too much of a statement. But I enjoy change, I try to live with it and I do have my little secrets that I would love to share with you! 

  1. Do not fight change. Easier said than done I know! But the more you try to fight it the more it will take you to accept it. A good way to not fight change is to think what could go wrong? everything? ok, so let everything go wrong. At my short 24 years I've discovered that when everything "goes wrong" I am still alive and if I think about it a month later it wasn't that bad after all. 
  2.  Have a routine. This one applies a 100% if you are moving to another city or country. Establishing different routines work for your mind like you know where to go and what to do, you have something to look forward to! One of my routines when I first got to New York was go to my favorite neighborhood and walk around, then go to a Starbucks (routine people)  and order a coffee. Then when I moved apartments my routine was going to get sushi at a place on 66st and then go to Central Park, to come back to a Starbucks (I know!) for my daily dose of caffeine (At the time!)
  3. Search for support. And if you are any like me, I'm not saying people, al though if you have people that can act as a support system, good for you! But for me support sometimes was writing on my blog, going through old pictures and lately has been reading. Yes in some sort of way is a form of escaping reality but at the end of the day we all need a escape from crazy people or world, but HEY just a little!