Thank you 2014.

Huge THANK YOU to all that made 2014 one of the best years. Thank you God, thank you people, thank you mom, thank you dad, thank you grandma, thank you universe, thank you to EVERYONE. I will never forget this year, since it has a huge milestone on it... Me and my grandma went for 2 months to Miami, which was a trip like best friends, we laughed, we fought and we had THE BEST TIME of our lives! Here's to a 2015 full of trips, health, money and great wishes TO ALL OF YOU! 


2014 on a Playlist

2AM by Raven Justice, Adrian Marcel x sage the gemini, is one of my faves! Such a great song! it just puts you in the mood! 

Wow, 2 more days and the year is over for ever, ever, ever. How crazy is that? I can't believe how fast the years are going! Can you imagine that 2014 will never be, anytime, again? Wow. Anyways, with the year going is time to do my annual Playlist! These are the top songs that help me go through the year in a nicer way! Tell me which ones are your faves! 

A Rolex way

Oh Rolex. I love huge watches in gold, rose gold, silver and white, they have something that attracts me to them and I just adore how classy they look. For me a watch is a staple in any outfit, is a way of expressing my inner english girl (I don't know why lol) and it can be quite tricky to get them to look just perfect! That's why I am sharing with you a cool idea on how to pair a classic silver Rolex! You can find these and more women's watches at Invaluable 

Top 5 Products for NYE Party

I hope you like the video! Top 5 products for the New Year's eve parties!!! They last a long time, pigmented and very beautiful ;). 

A nice Christmas

Can't believe where the year has gone! Christmas is over, NYE is next week and my birthday (which should be the world's biggest celebration is in 2 more weeks, 8th January for those who don't know). I lacked on posts because of my messy computer, with Christmas, all of that will change thanks to the awesome gift myself and my dad gave to me lol. But for today I am sharing what was my makeup and hair for Christmas! 

Chelsea boots

Super MIA, all over again. I can't catch a break here. Well, I decided to post about my favorite , one of my favorite type of boots, the Chelsea boots and there goes a lot of boots. They are perfect for winter to look stylish, edgy, with that Harry Styles impression and comfyness, also they remind me of The Beatles ( and I don't know if they wore these kind of boots). 

Modani moodboard

Today I wanted to share with you a little moodboard/idea of a living room. Modani contacted me to do this (nothing exchanged here lol) and I always had a love for decor so I decided why not! 

The perfect gift bag

Yes, I know I am all about Christmas lately and I can only blame my shopaholic inner self for it (obviously having in consideration the true meaning of this holiday!) My mom put together this AMAZING girly gift basket specially to give to the women in your life! All of these products are in every single part of this world, well not all but a lot and you can also get them at Farmacias Ahumada here in Chile. 

Christmas Makeup Tutorial

New Christmas makeup look is up on my Youtube Channel! This make up look is the common rule for me when it comes to Christmas, bright red lip (though I don't think it suits me that well), glittery gold eye shadow, simple eye makeup and lots of sparkly clothes! For Hair inspiration you can check out HERE and for outfit inspiration for Christmas you can click HERE

Christmas hairstyles

Everything is getting too Christmassy right? Well my blog is no exception. I hope you find some inspiration on these images (which I am absolutely obsessed with, like now I don't know what to do to my hair!). These can be super simple to do with a little of practice, so you might want to start today! I can't believe Christmas is only 14 days away!! 

Christmas Dress Guide

For me Christmas is THE time to wear sequins, sparkles and glitters! Is the perfect occasion to really shine and with that in mind I can go for days searching for sequin dresses all over the internet. They make me happy, I think this is the time we all can have a little help from the glitters, shine and stand out! I gathered 3 of my many favorite sequin dresses! I hope it can give you a little inspiration for the holidays! 

Lee Stafford Frizz OFF.

Hey peeps! It's been quite the ride these past few days but I am not going to get into that. I am here to share with you something I got sent and is the Lee Stafford smoothing spray for NO FRIZZ. Which it was pretty helpful since my hair tends to go frizzy sometimes. Let's strat with the scent, is AMAZING, it has such a powerful perfume, which I love but at the same time I hate, because of all the things I put in my hair I don't want to layer the scents since it will get too much, thats why I only use this when I am not going to anything to my hair except blow dry it and when using a shampoo with almost no scent at all. This thing really works, it leaves my hair frizz-less which is what is made it for lol.