My top 3 tips for Black Friday

Happy Thanksgiving guys!! 

Black Friday is tomorrow and being in Chile will not step me aside from this. (And it hasn't I already purchased a bunch of stuff in amazing discounts!

Mini China Glaze Haul!

Sooner rather than later, this applies to this haul and my new announcement which is I am going to start a very cool youtube channel in the near future, won't tell you a lot now tho! On to the haul, I bought this 3 china glaze nail polishes cause I was in need for some fuchsia, purple and pink colors, I didn't find all of the ones I wanted to buy but these 3 are my top ones, specially Purple panic since is the second time I buy it (Yes, I am addicted I already told you!) 

Falling for fall.

I know, I know I am in the middle of Summer, to be exact, Spring, but that doesn't hold me to look at wonderful winter clothing! I found this faux fur burgundy coat and I am in love .. I am even considerating buy it right now, but it wouldn't make any sense since I couldn't wear it like in a year, or maybe for NY and Paris Fashion Week... For those who can buy it as my friends in London and Europe go to Asos. As soon as the price is a little reduced I will put my hands on this, I am sure. I just fell in love.

Miami Memories Found!

Imagine coming to your house after an incredibly month in Europe so your mom can finally tell you someone got into the house (the day after I left) and stole a bunch of things ... heart breaking, but the most heart breaking thing was the laptop that was stolen which had a bunch of pictures from our trips to Miami which I didn't save in my other computer... but now imagine my surprise and happiness yesterday when I look at my mom at the computer and she was looking all of this pictures which I thought I didn't have in the computer!!!!!! I am so happy and excited that we finally found them (actually my mom did lol) But it seriously brought me so many memories and made me so happy to see all of the amazing memories we've made over the years and specially in our beloved country!!!! I am photo bombing hard my instagram so if you want to see more of these pictures head to @rafaellaonline ;)! They are sooooo pretty !!!!!!! I am so happy, seriously! 

Rose and Pink

What is not to love about this? OH MY! I am obsessed with this top, the roses and the colors are just perfect! Since I am in spring soon to be summer, this is perfect to get into the mood.. should I buy it? .. 

Festivities up on us.

Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Eve.. oh my where did the year go!? All the amazing festivities are starting to take place, and as I would love to have a cold December just to feel a little bit more christmas-y I am more than happy that the sun finally came out today! Well talking on clothes.. I have such an amazing project on my hands and I can't wait to share with you all lovely readers! But for now enjoy this lovely combination, which I think is perfect for Christmas or Thanksgiving! or even better... a Black Friday shopping! hahahaha. 

The All Black Everything!

I am so into black lately, I don't know if it was because going to New York or maybe being addicted to Rachel Zoe, but black is seriously one of my favorite colors and just because it is summer I won't let it go .. 

Casually good

It is all about being relax... I think that is definitely the word that describes me, oh well, the word that describes how I want to be! lol. These days has been so hectic and until I don't finish college there won't be any changes! So I am praying to be 15 December (I'm pretty sure that's when I finish) and I finally can have 3 months of pure relaxiness (If that's even a word lol). Moving onto the outfit, nude pumps, Starbucks, skinny jeans... seriously is kind of the best casual yet very well put together outfit! If you want to look pretty and still be super casual, this is definitely the way to go! Or you can add some sneaker wedges and that will be perfect too! I can't wait to put my hands on a pair of Isabel Marants! (Are there any in Brazil?) 

The peaceful tone

What is more amazing that faux fur, gold accents and black? ... errr nothing? EXACTLY, this outfit is pure perfection, plus the background is so calm and perfect for the moment! I seriously look at it and already feel more relax! don't you? Trying to pull this altogether can be tricky but a little of moderation in every aspect is the key. With this, never add any more color, the 3 tones are perfectly pull together. Also try to use little make up and a simple hair style. 

New York Reminder

 I've been doing a scrapbook from my trip to NY for fashion week and doing that has brought me so many memories!!! Can't wait to be back! 

The baby stuff

Baby blue hues are so trendy right now in the falling fall countries! And I have to say I am not that far from that cause today was much of a colder day and I got the chance to flaunt my new super soft and light jeans with my mom's made top in baby blue!!! I love this trend, I love pastels and I love looks that look effortless but still very beautiful! Classic is Elegance, Elegance is less and sober. 

Hearts all around.

Heart tops are so trendy right now, all thanks to Victoria Beckham and Burberry that came up with this awesome creation! I love how something so simple can be so amazingly beautiful, I will be definitely into the look out for a top like this one! Are you? 

The wall.

 First day of November and I wanted to share my wall of inspiration! Here is a peek of what a wall of my room looks like. Some of the pics I took them myself and some others from the internet world! This wall reflects me in every sense and I just love to look at it to remember all the good stuff that has happened to me over the years!