All white everything.

White outfits remind me of summer and the beach, the beautiful ocean and not having to do anything (like school? lol) And when you mix it up with some accents or color pops, white is even better! 

Maxi Feeling

Even though the water is not looking like diving in... I loved this picture, it captures perfect what I feel like when I go to Miami! And I want to go on Vk's so bad!!!

Jean style

Lately I've fallen in love with jean jackets, or blouses! They are a perfect way to be so comfortable and to look super cool, plus when you add some studs or some bling, it looks even better! 

Look what I got!

I am so excited now that I talked to you guys about my store! And I am so excited that I can't stop sharing different stuff I have online! Here is a peek of what are my favs and so cool for winter/summer! Go get them fast!

The Rumours are true!

YEEEEES !!! Finally I can tell you about my project and baby in which I've been working for the longest time to happen! I am so excited to be launching my new Online Store!!!! SHOPTHESTYLESTASH.COM! 
At the moment I don't offer international shipping just in my country, but as soon as I get all I need I will tell you guys in seconds!!! Tell me what you think and enjoy this trip with me! PLUS I will be giving away discounts and special things for the page! Check it out!!! 

The next few Days!

I am so excited of what is happening the next few days! I want it to be a complete surprise to you all and finally my dreams are coming true.. 1 by one! I love my job and what I do and I could not be more excited! So .. Enjoy the pics and STAY TUNED! 

Tell me your FAV!


I am almost 80% sure these jeans are from Rag&Bone, but lately Forever21 has been designing some similar and I might be wrong! Since I love these I wanted to share the good news with you! Cause you will only have to spend around $30 (or even less) on a pair from F21 (They are the same!!)

The dress for the boots.

Last year I go thigh-high boots and they come almost in the summer, so there was almost no chance to wear them, except for NYE or Christmas... Then I had the perfect idea of pulling them off with a very flow chiffon dress, bad thing, never got one. So now that it is fall/winter it is perfect to wear it with jeans,or the dress (that now I have) So this picture is truly to what I wanted (now I own) Enjoy your Sunday! XO

Nail Addict

I've been crazy lately for doing my nails! I started this like 2 years ago and stopped for like 6 months or maybe even more because of University (every time I painted my nails I needed to draw and the color of the nail will mess up my drawing) But now I recover my nail addiction and here are some of my creations! 

They blew my mind away!

These 2 pictures blew my mind the other day! I love the simplicity and the elegance they bring me (specially the first one!)

Beachy Dreams!

So, my dream vk's would be in Jamaica, Turks & Caicos and Greece. The most near one is Jamaica I am just missing one person to go with me! And that has kept me into the beachy pictures! And what better to remember the summer with some prints and colors!? 

Happy Mother's Day !

Happy Mother's Day!! 

Spice it up!

Sometimes I love a little bit of rock and craziness in my outfits and although it might be tough some days, I try my best! 

Some inspirational quotes for you!

Tommy Hilfiger!

I came across this picture, the blouse is from Tommy Hilfiger and as I should tell, I am not the biggest fan of TH, but I do like the stuff they sell! But this blouse is definitely so worth it! I loved it, the plaid and the stripes is super cool, fun twist for a regular and very well tailored blouse! I have to say, you can never go wrong with Tommy Hilfiger!

Zoom it

I love details and I think when something has so many details or even if it just has one, it can really change your perspective. I love the buttons, the mini peplum and the crazy sleeves on this jacket, definitely something I would buy!

High End! ...clues.

I don't know if you've seen but I am going to launch a new Youtube Channel very soon, it is going to be a lifestyle one, a way of living and a statement of being. You really need to watch it! I promise is not going to be like everyone's else.

Juicy time!

I always have loved bright colors but always see myself buying black stuff. That's why I've been trying to experiment with color and now I don't have anything that goes together ... at least a lot of pieces.

The Blonde thing

Is not secret that I love blonde hair and I would to dye mine .. The bad thing is I don't have the courage to do it! I love how the blonde goes in black and white people, but sometimes when you are as pale as a ghost (my case :) ) It is really tough to pull the blonde off ... anyways who knows if tomorrow I am brave enough to dye mine...