Bye Bye May !

How to Organize your Style Folder Part 1

Printed Legs!

Birdy Feather!!!

Royal Blue, Flame Red, Leopard Wild?

Khloe Kardashian checks in on Dash Calabasas wearing bright red pants.

Hatty Hat!

Special Little News!

Royal Wedge Style!

Hey dolls!
I am so inspired right now or well I will tell the whole story! So this Sunday a friend of mine is going to London (lucky her!) and I wanted to go too! So i told. Her if she was ok if I go! And shhe said that it would be great! So I let my mother know (on Friday!) this thing... She told me that the time was too short so she wouldn't let me go! Then I told my dad and he said if i told him at least on Wednesday he would have let me go!!!!!!!! So i am very sad that I miss my chance to go to London! 

Style Street !

A Must Dress piece.


Men - Improved Blouses for Women.

London&Paris Style Street Inspiration !

Happy Mother's Day !

POP Crazy!

Over sized Sweaters!

Royal Dresses.