I've been so in love with the London Fashion and Paris!!!! I am so obsessed with those places right now... And I am so inspired by them, I really want to go and see the places, because, you know I am planning to move out there... I mean it is one of the world's Fashion Capitals!!!!

But that is not what it brought me to this post, well, it was... but I am not going to blog about that.. I am here for fashion, style and beauty! But I will take the fashion part! So in daily life, people in Europe are waaaay more stylish than here... yes I am sorry my Chilean readers, but I have to say the truth!

Look! in the image (up) she is wearing, combat boots or that sort of boots, black skirt or dress and a huge comfy white leather coat !!! That is Style honey! she pulled it off so beautiful!!! 

The pop of color, what I wrote days ago, Click here to read it Is pure style! Leather jacket in black, black leather boots and ripped ligth pants!!!

Oversize, is the key! I love everything in oversize!!!! specially sweaters! they look so great with skinny jeans or leggings!! it is just an amazing piece that every girl should and MUST own !

Saying no more, I hope you loved all the outfits because I love them all! it brings me such inspiration! and looking at this pictures it makes me want to go to London and study Fashion Design!

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