Hey dolls!
I am so inspired right now or well I will tell the whole story! So this Sunday a friend of mine is going to London (lucky her!) and I wanted to go too! So i told. Her if she was ok if I go! And shhe said that it would be great! So I let my mother know (on Friday!) this thing... She told me that the time was too short so she wouldn't let me go! Then I told my dad and he said if i told him at least on Wednesday he would have let me go!!!!!!!! So i am very sad that I miss my chance to go to London! 

And that's why I am writting this post! We all know the Royal Wedding is already gone! But I am sure you guys are still looking for Kate's awesome conservative and elegant style! (Don't worry I am obsessed with her Style too!) 

So we all know how she was dressed the day after her amazing Royal Beautiful Fairytale Wedding! A blue dress from Zara And great L.K Benett wedges! 

Lately i've been looking out for shoes since i am in love with them! And I found that a lot of people is wearing this wedges! Also Chelsy Davy have been on fashion magazines about these amazing shoes!

You can buy them. http://www.lkbennett.com/ They are super easy to walk in! And if you don't have the money to buy the real ones you can buy a cheaper version in my  Shoe store .

As I said, they are super easy to walk in, super easy to coordinate them with your outfit! Who knows if you get the chance to meet your prince with these awesome shoes! Who knows if you have the next Royal Wedding! 

Have fun!