Hello my dolls! I am so into the British accent lately, thanks Royal Wedding hahaha, but today I will not talk about that! I will writte about this oversize sweaters that I absolutely adore! They go with everything! Pants, sweatpants, jeans, skinny jeans, flare jeans, shorts, skirts and I don't know something else hahaha.

I love the sheer of the sweaters and this is why I love this one in the picture up! it is so beautiful and it goes amazing with a pair of fantastic blue ripped jeans! and of course black stilettos!

Another example of one of the bests ways to cover up yourself if you are cold but keeping it so summer ish! shorts, a plaid blouse and an over sized black sweater! it is just amazing! and the perfect combination if you are in spring with those hot mornings and cold nights and well, also winter!

Did I say belts are amazing for sweaters!? if not, well they are!!! Tiny belts and an over sized sweater, the purrrrrfect combo! and remember to keep it just like the picture, the contrast of the nude and the black is awesome!

 Short sweater but still an over sized one! Yes, they are real and you can find them, and if not! just buy a large one and cut it off, that way you will look so much edgier! and let's don't forget about the leopard print! it is so fab !  mini skirt, short over sized sweater EDGY, in all of the outfit!

Enjoy the rest!

Rafaella Online! Sorry for being so MIA! I've been so stressed out with school work! it is so unbelievable!!! now I should call myself Rafaella OFFline hahaha, but no. OK, sweet week rest of the week ! :)