May Wishlist

Lately I've been more out there with my choice of clothes and even makeup. Since I moved to New York (Can't believe this month is going to be a year!) I've been saying to myself, repeteadly, to get out there and get out my comfort zone, which has given me the opportunity to see things with a new perspective and have amazing new experiences. So with clothes is pretty much the same thing, the more you are open to try new things, great things you will discover and you'll never be bored! 

3 ways to dress more edgy!

I've always been attracted to edgy styles, like black accents, kind of rocker yet a little goth (Did I tell you when I was a little kid I wanted to be goth when I grew up!?). And sometimes I have to say I dress a little tough, little edgy, but always feminine. So wanna know 3 easy ways to be more edgy?


Central Park
New York City is hectic, let me say that. So going out and about in heels is not always the best option and I was thinking what could I wear that could be comfortable yet stylish and not just simple plain sneakers. Finally my mind clicked and I saw myself browsing ASOS and for my good luck I found these awesome shoes, made in Italy and a gorgeous light blue color and suede fabric. They are perfect to run around the city yet being super comfortable, because of the platform my feet don't hurt at the end of the day anymore!

Out and about

I know, MIA for sure. But living in the city (for the 823778123 time) is hectic, stressful but fun and adventurous at the same time. There's no chance to sleep or rest or just take a little break in this crazy city, but really, why taking a break when I am so young? Why not experience it all, do everything so when I am old enough I can sit back and relax and rest all the time I couldn't when I was young! 

Manhattan at night

Bryant Park

I honestly could not feel safer at night in this city, is crazy! I can't believe at 2 am the subway is packed with people almost with no room to sit down. That's why going out at night makes it so easier, cause you are definitely not gonna see yourself in a dark street by yourself, this truly is a city that never sleeps. 

Luxury on a budget

I've always been obsessed with decor and I dream someday to decorate my apartment by myself, all me, all my style. And the other day surfing facebook I stumble upon this great post about bathrooms from Harper's Bazaar! And honestly I need to have a ton of houses so I can recreate everything! 

A day in Williamsburg

Being able to be a tourist in your own city is amazing, from discovering new restaurants and shops to enjoy an ice cream cone with your best friend! And this past Wednesday I did exactly that! Went with my best friend to Williamsburg since I've never been there and I was actually looking to move there if I liked it.