Christmas Wishlist

Sunglasses : Taylor Morris London / Benefit kit / China Glaze Polishes / Harry Potter Book

Oh my, where did the year go?! I have to admit though that I absolutely LOVE Christmas and a few days later is my birthday which is exciting! For today I am sharing my Christmas wishlist, is not done yet but I hope it may give you ideas on what to buy or ask and also maybe my dad and mom (I know you stalk my blog always, have a better idea on what to give me! In a few days more I will update it since I have to make up my mind on other things! ;) 

LE TOTE surprise!

Hey guys! Sorry for the MIA status but I didn't have my computer until today and now I am finally able to post something! To start, yesterday was thanksgiving and I want to say thank you to all of you that read my blog, it means the world to me! And to give back to you I have amazing news! LE TOTE is letting new members try their first month for FREE! all weekend! Starting Thursday at 12 am PST. There is NO CODE NEEDED for this, isn't it AMAZING!? I love LE TOTE, unfortunately they don't ship to Chile so I can't subscribe BUT I definitely would if I could! 

Sweater Weather Tag

Stash it Saturday : Miami Life!

Miami nights, Miami lights, Miami sunsets, Miami stars, Miami moon, Miami sea, Miami shops, Miami people, Miami sand, Miami life, Miami memories, Miami beach, Miami Magic Nights. 

Most loved coats

Both coats are from ASOS
Coat 1 // Coat 2
 Every time the winter goes and the Summer starts makes me want to buy coats and not because I am a weirdo, because I see all these Europeans wearing AMAZING wintery clothes. How can you not resist a faux fur coat? or this amazing long duster coat?! I love these simple yet super chic and stylish coats are, they are definitely something I would purchase and wear right away, if I didn't have the 32 C degrees here. 

The Farm Company x adidas Originals

Rarely I wear Adidas or Nike clothes if it is not for working out, but this collaboration for adidas has made a huge impact in my life (yeah, that dramatic) I am amazed of how lovely everything is! I love everything, I love the bold colors, the bold prints and still having that comfy factor which is extremely important for me. 

Top 5 MAC Lipsticks

Office Decor

Lately I've been seeing myself searching all over the web for home decor, specially for office style .. Let's clear this up first, I do not own an office, my bedroom is my office since I have everything I need here, except a little more space, which I know half of the world may complain about that! 
Anyways, I figured why not sharing inspiration for your desk or office with these cute little things to spice up any room you have in your house! Nice candles, pops of color and a nice glass full of flowers is a must for mine! 

New In: Rimmel London Chile

It is no surprise we get everything behind in Chile, but imagine my excitement when Fasa contacted me for this amazing new products Rimmel London Chile has , which I had the luck to try them before in the states. Let me tell you the scandal eyes eye shadow crayon is one of my faves of all time, not only because of its super cool colors! but for the amazing super creamy texture they have! 

Filorga Launch

I got invited to the Filorga launch in my country. For those who don't know what it is, I am here to explain y'all. Filorga is a French brand of anti aging creams and serums and the whole amazing cosmetique (insert that sexy french accent here) from Paris. Yep, AMAZING. They invited us to a lovely event at the NOI hotel, which was lovely! the food was delicious and the products itself were OUTSTANDING! 

October Favorites!

I hope you enjoy my October Favorites :)! 

#SFW Day 3.

Then I got invited for the 3rd and final night of Santiago Fashion Week and it was better than the last one (I mean you can only improve at this point!) Everything was nicely organized, slightly more people but hey, is fashion week and having the memories back from NYFW and experienced this, was another big thing for me!

Santiago Fashion Week Day 2

I went to Santiago Fashion Week. How am I going to tell this story? well... I got invited for the Urbano Design show and first of all, let me tell you how I thought Santiago Fashion Week was going to be. We all know everyone tries to copy everything and sometimes the "copy" is an absolute MESS, but this time, oh my, this time! IT WAS AMAZING, I am so surprised I am saying this! Santiago Fashion Week really step it up to the plate and did a fantastic job! The space was beautiful, big enough and everything was organized beautifully! Of course we are not going to be better than NY Fashion Week, since here is really just starting but for the baby steps I give my props! The people were SUPER nice, I had a great time watching all the shows and some designers were incredible (yes, I didn't know some of them but now I am a huge fan!) Thanks so much to Urbano Design who invited me and I got the first row! #frow. 

November Wishlist

Wow, I really can't believe how fast the year passed by! It is almost Christmas, it is almost summer (here in Chile) it is really almost 2015. But as starting November I wanted to share with you my Wishlist for this month, is a mix between Spring and Fall.. I hope you like it! All the products can be purchased below :)