I went to Santiago Fashion Week. How am I going to tell this story? well... I got invited for the Urbano Design show and first of all, let me tell you how I thought Santiago Fashion Week was going to be. We all know everyone tries to copy everything and sometimes the "copy" is an absolute MESS, but this time, oh my, this time! IT WAS AMAZING, I am so surprised I am saying this! Santiago Fashion Week really step it up to the plate and did a fantastic job! The space was beautiful, big enough and everything was organized beautifully! Of course we are not going to be better than NY Fashion Week, since here is really just starting but for the baby steps I give my props! The people were SUPER nice, I had a great time watching all the shows and some designers were incredible (yes, I didn't know some of them but now I am a huge fan!) Thanks so much to Urbano Design who invited me and I got the first row! #frow. 
This Day the designers who presented their collections were, INACAP, Porquetevistes, Urbano Design, Daniela Bozza, Casa de Criadores, Matias Hernan.

I wore F21 Top, F21 Skirt, Zara boots, ASOS tights, Zara Bag, Festina Watch.