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The Style Stash is a fashion blog and beauty blog, giving you fashion usa, fashion new york, and everything fashion and style. Also beauty usa. <title>October 2017

October 28, 2017

The perks of Central Park

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Can you believe is gonna be November and it hasn't been that cold at all! And then I realized I didn't even go for a day to Central Park during the summer but now its the perfect excuse for any sunny day to go for a stroll around the park or read a book. And that is exactly what I've been doing every weekend (almost). Any chance I have, I put on comfy clothes, pack my big scarf my lovely Paris book and off to the park to enjoy the whole afternoon!


October 26, 2017

3 things to make you happier!

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Back with these fun little lists which brightens up everyone's days! Ways to be more inspired or just to have a little 5 minutes for yourself and no one else, to worry about your inner soul. Lately I've made a commitment to myself, to do absolutely everything I enjoy doing!

October 24, 2017

Currently obsessed

Obsession is a very strong word and I take it seriously. That's why I am sharing the 6 items I've been obsessed with for a while now, which one will go first? Wait and see.

I love all these colors because they go with everything. 

Don't trust me? All black #ootd and every single one of them goes. Red is classic, light pink is lady, light blue is somewhat comfortable, bold fuchsia is rather daring.. and black will always be the no questions. 


October 22, 2017


New York, Oh New York. This is my city, my home and the place I fell madly in love about 2 years ago. When people come here to visit they do the same stuff tourists do, I mean Times Square, VS store whatever, those places are OVERRATED, just like any New Yorker I have a deep hate towards Times Square since it is a waste of time and space, sure lights are cool but go to Paris for that. But today I am sharing 5 things to do in NYC, things that the average tourist wouldn't do, but this is why I am here for.