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Back with these fun little lists which brightens up everyone's days! Ways to be more inspired or just to have a little 5 minutes for yourself and no one else, to worry about your inner soul. Lately I've made a commitment to myself, to do absolutely everything I enjoy doing!
Literally if I don't like to do something I won't do it, at all. And it is my way to live my life (Of course if I have to go to the bank and there's a long line I will HAVE to do it) but the point is, do what makes you happy!

Some say happiness is a journey not a destination, I say, happiness is whatever you want to make it, just feel it. 

Now to the fun part!

  1. Beaches, salt water or other outdoor things: For me looking at pictures of turquoise water is a way of escaping this crazy city (which I still love!) but it is so nice to see that are some insanely beautiful places in this world and I cannot wait to see every single one of them! 
  2. Chocolate: Ok, not the healthiest but is proven that if you eat a piece of chocolate you will feel happier. And you know what? Just enjoy the chocolate, some say its a little piece of heaven (and I stand by it) 
  3. Stand in the wind: Hopefully is windy by the time you are reading this lol. But personal opinion, wind makes me happy (sometimes terrified) but it is so nice to feel the breeze and realizing how far you have come, a therapy in itself that I highly recommend.