Little piece of Heaven

Yuup, yuup, You are now seeing more of myself on my blog and it is exciting so you can know a little bit more about myself and why I love fashion! So here is a little amazing piece of heaven I got to stare and wear. Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses that made my face look like a million dollar! It is amazing how you can feel with such amazing pieces, it's like heaven on earth for a truly fashionista like me. 

Magnaminty Mask .. YAY or NAY!?

Beauty Haul!!

Who killed her?

Oh la la , that is what it comes to my mind every time I see this picture... or pearl necklaces and/or OPI nail polishes, I know I know, I am extremely obsessed with everything I own, but I mean, I have to! It doesn't seem right to me not being obsessed with what you bought and you supposedly love it. Still, we all been there, where we loved it at first sigh and then, it's disgusting. 

DIY Studded Sweater + Giveaway!

New video is up! 

Trendy Tuesday's Over The knee Boots.

Yes, I know, winter for most of you is coming to an end and with that, heave coats, gloves and boots. But these kind are here to stay! To be honest I love these boots but I think it is kinda ridiculous to wear them around Miami in the middle of the summer. But if you are in the transition where the nights are still a little colder.. honey these shoes are for you! 

YOLO time

Lately I've been all up to this so pretty pictures and I decided to make my own ones from time to time, I love photography and I am always in the hunt to a great Photograph course but I always fail at finding one (lol). Anyways, the watch is a beloved of mine and I remember my love for watches started when I bought my first one in London and then it all went naturally and had to buy tons. (lol). The tiger reminds me of Kenzo SO MUCH and the YOLO bracelet is my motto one, so I HAVE to have it near me to remind myself YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE!! For more pretty pics you can follow me on Instagram so you can have your daily intake of great pics! FORGOT TO TELL YOU, I changed my INSTAGRAM to THESTYLESTASH so follow me on there ;)! 

Selfies #TheStyleStash

I took these pics with my iPhone some days ago when I got back to filming, I never thought I would be so happy to be filming again, I think now is just more natural to me! And also, why wasting make up and not taking a selfie!? I mean... it's obvious right? lol. 

Sexy color

Hey people! I normally don't do beauty posts since I don't consider myself the super expert on beauty, but what I do consider myself is that I do my make up extremely well and I love to do it actually. The main part of my make is my face of course, because I love very single product for the face and then comes my lips! I have quite big lips or normal and well defined so having a bold lipstick on looks always great! I love reds they are the sexier shade you can wear on your lips!

Trendy Tuesday's Midi Skirts.

Another great day to talk about trends! I have to say there is so many and so little at the same time that every time I am writing a Trendy Tuesday I have to choose very well my words and trends I am going to share with you... and I am talking about midi skirts. When they are like pencil midi skirts are candy to my eyes, but when they are A lines they make me a little bit unsure about my feeling towards them.

February Favorites Video!

D&G Leopard

What about this so pretty Dolce&Gabbana handbag! The second I saw it I was in love, I mean how you can't be when looking at this gem! Personally I love leopard prints and combined this way, makes it way more appealing to my eyes! I just wanted to share with you these pretty details I get to see on my life as a fashion blogger.. to die for, huh?

Trendy Tuesday's : Pastel Colors

I've stick to my regular Tuesday posts which is very exciting, cause I usually just forget about regular things or just get tired so easily. For today's lovely post I have something pretty pretty... pretty. Pastel clothing, which some people call it Candy clothes, cause it has those minty colors, or those lovely baby blues from those candy hearts!

Paris Fashion Week #PFW

I absolutely love everything about fashion week and even more the amazing clothes people wear outside the tents, parks or just the behind the scene of the whole Fashion Week event ... From colors to plain black and white, I believe sometimes the clothes people wear can be more interesting! I guess I don't know I just love the whole system of Fashion Week and everything is a little experience you have, yup, even to grab a coffee on your way to the show!