The excuses

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I cannot believe it's been like 2 months and I haven't post anything. And I could go on with excuses like always or just simply admit I don't have the time or the drive to keep a blog alive anymore. This is not a goodbye and is definitely not the end of The Style Stash. I just have so many crazy amazing ideas and I don't know how to turn them into reality. Anyways I will keep posting hoping someone will keep reading. If you want to see what I am up to go to my tumblr and instagram
Peace and love always, 

How to be inspired

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It's been a while since I met you , I love that song. Well my purpose was It's been a while since I have post something I am really proud of, or that really inspires me. Don't get me wrong... everything I've posted, I liked, but I crave something more from all of this, I don't know if I want more outfit pictures, like my outfits or something else. But there's something I can't find while blogging now. 

Big lips? Lip plumper

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sexy mother pucker lip plumper

In my defense and you all can ask my mom. I've always loved this made up big lips, Angelina Jolie type and those like you know they've been done. Luckily I do have nice sized lips and pretty ones, I like them to be honest. But sometimes I daydream of having this huge made up lips like Kylie Jenner does. Honestly I would do it, but what if something goes wrong and I loose my nice lips and then I don't have the lips I want? Thanks to that I stumble across this lip plumper by soap and glory. And here is what I have to tell you.

Decorating a small apartment

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white bedroom

Have you ever been so happy that you don't remember to do stuff or you are just so immerse into your own world having the time of your life? Well... that happened to me this month and its been these past few months. With my new job and this new life I am experimenting I am so happy that I don't like being in the computer for too long. But today I have something special and fun to share with you guys!

10 Things to do in your city

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shot glasses with dia de los muertos in them

I live in NYC and sometimes I get so into my job, and don't get me wrong I love what I do, but sometimes it is hard for me to disconnect and actually enjoy the amazing city I live in. So I'm using this as my personal board saying 'Go out and do stuff' but I also want to make this as a little reminder of what you can do where you live in and enjoy your city.

Designer shoes for less

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We are all about Summer shoes this season right? Well, It is summer so it is kind of obvious. What's not, is the amount of money some designer shoes cost and they are actually so trendy that they won't work with you next year, so why spending all that money on shoes if you can have dupes or designer shoes for less if you want. The current fashion trends are...

Cop's favorite food

central park food

And certainly one of mine as well! Donuts just hold a special place in my heart and what better way to have one while strolling around Central Park? At the end of the day you will be walking a ton so those calories will fly off your body and you may be in need of one more after all that walking! 

Brunette to Blonde

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brunette to blonde

I've been thinking of going blonde for a good while now (almost 5 years?) But I am just so bad at making decisions, I'm a Capricorn what else could you expect? And the fact that Brunette to blonde is kinda risky right? So I've never made up my mind if I should go for it or not but I think I finally convinced myself of going blonde. I want to think about it a little bit more before I committing to probably 5 hours in the salon and a lot of hair treatments after that (I am quite lazy when it comes to beauty and fashion). So, should I go blonde? 

How to?

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ice cream in central park
Central Park

How to resist the hot weather? How to avoid humidity? How to stay fresh in the summer? How to get fat? How to have a little cheat day? How to enjoy the day? How to be romantic? How to share? How to!?

3 ways to be Tumblr Trendy!

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high waisted jeans, micro bags, lace up top

It is no surprise that I am obsessed with tumblr, often I see myself going to my laptop to something specific to just end up infinite scrolling tumblr for hours. And of the main things that I love about it, is the picture perfect everything seems to be so today I am going to share 3 ways to be on trend tumblr style! 

Let loose!

Marquee nyc club, marquee nyc, clubs in new york
marquee club nyc
Marquee Club in Manhattan
I know, I know. I live in New York and I haven't done a NYC guide at all. weird.  Anyways it might be that I just don't have the time or the money (Hello little online shopping devil). But what I can tell you guys about is something pretty cool. My favorite spot to go out, Marquee. I have such a great time dancing, enjoying my own company and others! Seeing how everyone is laughing, drinking too much sometimes,  and just relaxing in this busy city is somehow therapeutic. 

A little happiness

Summer nails 2016
Summer red nails

Long time no see! I've been so drowned into this NYC life that is already driving me crazy, and it is true I have my ups and downs I am really struggling with life here, like asking myself is this what I really want? Am I feeling good here? those little burst of happiness are what happiness and life is all about or happiness is much more? Anyways. I great way to cheer me up of course is doing my nails. 

Skin detox


Woooosh. I am not sure if I am going to be able to but I am going to try my best. Since last year, when I moved to NYC my skin has been a hot mess and not hot in a cute way, I mean in a very crazy way. I think that the combination of everything has made a huge impact on my life and how I react to things specially my body and skin since they have been the one that have suffered the most. Remember my post about Lifestyle Detox? this is Part II. 

Lifestyle Detox

Being stressed all the time (I just can't help it) running around everywhere and not having time at all have been the 3 major things that are affecting my lifestyle. While I don't feel super bad I am not feeling at my greatest since I am tired all day since I wake up, I don't have enough energy (even tho I do everything I want) but it would be nicer to do everything with energy. I'm gonna make these changes...

How to have a better day

We all have bad days, is inevitable but what is not, is how we deal with these days. I don't suggest that you embrace it and cry out all day, but I do believe sometimes a good hour of crying helps. But you know what helps the most? ... Keep reading to find out!

Polo fashion and style

fashion and style
Polo. What a nice posh sport. I love men from Argentina, so of course I love Polo. 

I remember I got invited once to Polo in the Park in the UK (too bad I wasn't able to actually fly there so I had to miss it) and then got invited to a Polo match in NYC but I had to work that day and I was being a super responsible young adult (we need to save here in the city lol). And last Saturday was the Veuve Cliquot #VCPoloClassic , yeah I needed to hashtag is just so millennial I couldn't hold myself. So in honor to that glorious and so English sport I have to share my favorite outfits. 

Tall Girl Talks ; The workwear dress or outfit.

Now that I work at a proper office, my daily outfits have changed. With this crazy weather and the fact that I have to run all over Manhattan, work wear has been a high interest of mine lately and a worry to say the least. 

Living alone; NYC Girl

You always dreamed about it when you were in high school, you would always say 'When I turn 18, I'll be out of my parent's and enjoy life'. Let me tell you the truth. Best decision I've ever made, al though not because I wanted to leave my parents, I adore living with my mom and I miss her every day, as well as my dad and the rest of my family. But living by yourself is such a journey, emotionally and physically (because now you have to take care of yourself in every way. Not so good at cooking huh?.. yeah me neither). 

3 Work wear tips for summer!

Now that I am working at a proper office my daily outfits have changed, from being a sales specialist at Victoria's Secret and wearing jeggings and a sweater or shirt all black now has come the challenge of dressing office appropriate with a comfy touch and let's be real, a personal statement as well. In Chile work wear is disgusting to say the least, the most boring clothes and everyone seems like they are wearing a uniform bought at a very disgusting thrift shop from the 50's so I was having that mentality of 'How can I dress better and not copy that hideous style'. 

TSS Destinations : Ibiza!

Me and my best friend were looking to go somewhere with great weather, nice crowd, amazing parties and overall the best energy for her birthday celebration. That's why we came up with the idea of going to Ibiza but I asked everyone I knew and people that would go into the store I work in, to ask them if Ibiza was a good idea in December, turns out, it's not. It is the worst idea ever and the time for Ibiza is right now, around June really, but not close enough to December. And since then I've seen everything and everyone talking and going to Ibiza, that's why I decided, why not gather some pics and outfit ideas for a nice Ibiza trip? It could be a weekend, a whole week or a month (if you are that hardcore) but here are my inspirations for some Ibiza time! Scroll down to see some fashion! Stay tuned for more #TSSDestinations!

Transitioning weather

Spring or Fall ? That is the real question here in NYC, that's why I gathered some of my key pieces to this transitional weather, I hope you like it!!!

The New York girl

You drive me crazy, sometimes I just want to hit you in the face, I get tired of hearing your name, I get jealous when people see you, I get excited for another day with you. Every time I walk I think about you, it is something so inevitable in my day to day routine, I feel you, breathe you and see you, all day. And I can't get bored of you, I need you in my life and to think I might loose you one day makes my heart pound. But you know what? I love you New York City, you have something magical, something indescribable, something everyone has to experiment one day. From winter to summer, to spring and fall, to different temperatures and color hues, you are truly one of a kind. 

Your New York girl. 

New In, The nudes

I am a sucker for shoes, if they were collectibles I would buy them all so then I could sell my collection for millions of dollars, but thinking about it .. I actually wouldn't sell them and just stare at them all day long, which is both stupid and ridiculous. But I couldn't resist and I had to buy these. 

May Wishlist

Lately I've been more out there with my choice of clothes and even makeup. Since I moved to New York (Can't believe this month is going to be a year!) I've been saying to myself, repeteadly, to get out there and get out my comfort zone, which has given me the opportunity to see things with a new perspective and have amazing new experiences. So with clothes is pretty much the same thing, the more you are open to try new things, great things you will discover and you'll never be bored! 

3 ways to dress more edgy!

I've always been attracted to edgy styles, like black accents, kind of rocker yet a little goth (Did I tell you when I was a little kid I wanted to be goth when I grew up!?). And sometimes I have to say I dress a little tough, little edgy, but always feminine. So wanna know 3 easy ways to be more edgy?


Central Park
New York City is hectic, let me say that. So going out and about in heels is not always the best option and I was thinking what could I wear that could be comfortable yet stylish and not just simple plain sneakers. Finally my mind clicked and I saw myself browsing ASOS and for my good luck I found these awesome shoes, made in Italy and a gorgeous light blue color and suede fabric. They are perfect to run around the city yet being super comfortable, because of the platform my feet don't hurt at the end of the day anymore!

Out and about

I know, MIA for sure. But living in the city (for the 823778123 time) is hectic, stressful but fun and adventurous at the same time. There's no chance to sleep or rest or just take a little break in this crazy city, but really, why taking a break when I am so young? Why not experience it all, do everything so when I am old enough I can sit back and relax and rest all the time I couldn't when I was young! 

Manhattan at night

Bryant Park

I honestly could not feel safer at night in this city, is crazy! I can't believe at 2 am the subway is packed with people almost with no room to sit down. That's why going out at night makes it so easier, cause you are definitely not gonna see yourself in a dark street by yourself, this truly is a city that never sleeps. 

Luxury on a budget

I've always been obsessed with decor and I dream someday to decorate my apartment by myself, all me, all my style. And the other day surfing facebook I stumble upon this great post about bathrooms from Harper's Bazaar! And honestly I need to have a ton of houses so I can recreate everything! 

A day in Williamsburg

Being able to be a tourist in your own city is amazing, from discovering new restaurants and shops to enjoy an ice cream cone with your best friend! And this past Wednesday I did exactly that! Went with my best friend to Williamsburg since I've never been there and I was actually looking to move there if I liked it.

Small size fits all

Quick story, when I was younger I used to hate wearing bags, like there wasn't nothing I hated the most than going out carrying a bag with my wallet and stuff, so I always made my mom carry everything for me and to be honest, until this day, I keep doing it but something slightly change... I love shopping for bags! They all have something unique in them so I am naturally attracted to them, waiting for the right one to scream at me saying: TAKE ME! Which 70% of the time I have around 5 that scream at me and that is too much so I have to do the hard thing, choose between one or the other.

A litle wander

So the other day I took advantage of the sun and went on a little wander around the city, which little is definitely not the right word to use because I walked a ton all over downtown manhattan. I ended my day at the Flat iron district, which is one of my favorite neighborhoods in the entire city. 

A cold welcome

Hello from New York City! The city that never sleeps, and that is true since I've been waking up at 7:30 am everyday ! (what!?!) Anyways, I am still getting used to the city taking in consideration it's been a while since I haven't been here and transitioning from a super hot summer to a very cold spring has been tough to say the least! I am getting ready to explore more of New York  ( you know, my regular areas, SoHo, Central Park, Chelsea, etc) so I can post more about this wonderful city! Enjoy these pics from a very cold day in NYC! 


All of my weekends have been amazing. And this one was a little bit more special since it was my cousin's little girl's bday party! It was Ballerina Themed and let me tell you, preparing everything for this party was so fun and cute! I mean, who doesn't love pink in a bday party? 


One of my last weekends in Chile couldn't have been better! From having a super sweet watermelon to playing with a shotgun this weekend was all about enjoying summer and spending time with my family. I have to say I adore New York and the #citylife, but the mountains have been a deep love of mine since I was a little kid. That's definitely something I'm gonna miss about Chile. 

Chanel #PFW


Chanel never disappoints me. I mean. Look at that awesome design! Another stunning Paris Fashion Week thanks to Chanel and its tweed tradition. Also, great trends coming up! Victorian style is one of my faves! More on the blog soon!

Paradise on earth

Have you ever heard the quote If you want to know where your heart is...look to where your mind goes when it wonders. Every time I'm on tumblr I see myself infinite scrolling for beaches or cities around the world, but mainly salt water. And as much as I love the city life, sometimes as I describe it myself, Miami is my paradise on earth and at some point of my life I might have to go and live in that paradise.

Less commercial more editorial

You can't say these pictures are not inspiring! aaaghh I die for this Inez & Vinoodh shoot for Vogue. Lately as I've been posting before, I've been thinking how to change my style while still being true to myself and how comfortable I want to be which is a struggle in itself. But I've been thinking I want to dress more editorial-like rather than just t-shirt and jeans and cool pairs of shoes. 

Oscars 2016

Naomi Watts / Charlize Theron / Jennifer Lawrence
Finally Leo got his Oscar and we got amazing fashion to discuss! I'm gonna be sweet and short since I believe there's too much buzz around the Oscars to add one more. But my favorites are Charlize Theron in a beautiful red Christian Dior dress, doesn't she look like a true Hollywood movie star!?

Then Jennifer Lawrence also in a Christian Dior, love the bold top and the whole look is impecable just how I like it, the perfect amount of black. Margot Robbie shining gold in a Tom Ford gown and Naomi Watts in Armani Privé, weird but I kinda like it!  

Spring wishlist

Apparently spring is approaching fast and that means... good weather and NYC! (I am seriously so excited to go back). That I decided to do a little collage on spring must haves this years, taking in consideration the colors, silhouettes and prints!  


We all need a little #beachlife right? And mine was absolutely delightful! Somewhat boring but still relaxed and a great time to spend with my family. I went to the beach almost everyday, enjoyed the sun and played with my cousin's kids. Really don't count the days, make the days count!  

Shop some beach attire below! 

Little thoughts...

Hello! ( I feel like a few times I say a proper Hello to y'all quoting How to be single). Lately I've been way more personal on the blog, like sharing more lifestyle advice rather than fashion and I don't particularly think is a bad thing but it may be something that not everyone likes and that leads me to something I was thinking today. 

3 ways to feel relaxed

Lately has been so hard to relax. Everywhere. We are all consumed by our lives and the things that go around us that sometimes even when we are "relaxed" we are still thinking about a million things or what is next on our "to-do list". I am sharing today 3 days to feel relaxed in just 5 minutes. 


Lately I've been obsessed with flats, specially sneakers and booties! But for today I gathered my favorite ones, which are on my wishlist right now! Aren't the neutral colors to die for!? 

How to dress

I've come to the conclusion that I dress my best when I'm in NYC (still is so surreal to say "when I'm in NYC as if I am here on vacation, which I am!) And I honestly don't know the exact reason why this happens to me and my wardrobe (?). I wouldn't say is the pressure of looking your best there because in the US you have freedom of speech and that comes with a freedom on how to dress, but I think there's like a thought in the back of my head that I really need to step up my clothing game while I am there. Also a great way to just add that little something, is great shoes! and lately I've been buying too many boots!

Dark as your lipstick

Dark lipsticks are one of my favorite things, I probably have too many and I have no shame! They can dress up an outfit or give an edge to a very feminine flower dress. I am going to be very humble here (sarcastic) I have been blessed with great lips, but some people can struggle with dark lipsticks, so if that's the case, always use a lipliner first so it will make it easier for you to fill in with the lipstick and touch up any not-so-perfect lines.

5 ways to avoid the cold in NYC

NYC is extremely cold these days and having fashion shows is not helping right? I mean, New York fashion week is on its full swing and with these extremely cold temperatures you have to look fashionable but being warm at the same time! So I gather 5 little ways to avoid the cold in NYC! 

14 Gifts for Valentine's Day

Enjoy your Valentine's shopping! Even if you are single! 

Trend or Fad?

First, do you know what a Fad is? in simple words, a trend that is so fast that it just can't be a trend. From the moment is created to the moment the masses have them and then reject it (in a whirlwind). that is a fad.

Spring palette

I was going to start with ' Oh spring is fast approaching' reality is. It isn't. I'm in the summer in Chile and where I live (NYC) is winter. Although is approaching I wouldn't say fast but who cares?

Gray obsession

I don't know if I am too much of a trend follower (although I like trends but never wear them, sometimes) but gray has been one of my obsessions. It started in NYC when I needed a turtle neck gray sweater so I could wear it underneath a black faux fur coat (which never got any of those). 

Where is your happy place?

So where is it? What do you think your happy place should have? 
I am going to open myself to you guys. And I honestly feel I've been much more open lately on the blog! and I quite like it. So, I live in NYC, I was born and raised in Chile and I always thought Miami was my paradise and although still is my paradise there have been a little changes along the way, where I have been asking myself, where is my happy place? 

Payday Wishlist!

3 Things for life

I've enjoyed so much doing these kind of posts where I share 5 things to do in NYC or 10 things to a happier life! I've demonstrated myself that I can live the life I want if I just follow simple steps. I am a Capricorn and it cannot reflect more my personality and one thing we all capris have is we give amazing advice but never follow it in our personal life, that's why these little lists help me so much! Today I am sharing 3 things for life. For your life, for anyone's life. Just life.


Time to get a little personal here. Today I am going to share some problems that are common between us women when it comes to bras! Now that I worked at Victoria's Secret I've heard A TON of things women go through when wearing bras (90% of the time they wear the wrong bra size) That's why Step 1 is to get measured and now what bra size you are. 

5 Things to do in NYC

I am a New Yorker. And if you think that stupid.. I don't give a F. New York became my home, my place and where I feel comfortable not being comfortable, is a city where I just feel alive and myself and at this very moment I can't see my life anywhere else other than in NYC. And after 6 months of living here I can say I know a couple of things to do if someone asks what are my recommendations when being a tourist in this city! I could write 20 or more but I am going to keep it short and sweet so I can keep doing these kind of blog posts that I enjoy to write! 5 things you HAVE to do while you are in NYC. Here they go! 

Indoor decor

I am a sucker for interior design lately. It has always been a passion of mine but lately with Pinterest and Tumblr invading me with pretty pictures it has become an obsession, a healthy one I must say. As for colors, whites and grays are what fill my heart with satisfaction and I know they might be too cold for a plae to call home but having the feeling of space is priceless and in New York is definitely PRICELESS (with a very high price lol).