Summer nails 2016
Summer red nails

Long time no see! I've been so drowned into this NYC life that is already driving me crazy, and it is true I have my ups and downs I am really struggling with life here, like asking myself is this what I really want? Am I feeling good here? those little burst of happiness are what happiness and life is all about or happiness is much more? Anyways. I great way to cheer me up of course is doing my nails. 

And tbh I've never been too keen on red nail polish and this one (is not red) but looks more of that rouge shade I hate but the vibrant color makes me happy, a little and we all need a little happiness right? The color is called 'Rose among thorns' by China Glaze. But girl, if you want to wear this nail polish make sure you have base and top coat and the actual nail polish in hand because it chips like crrrrazy. But I love the color so be it.