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marquee club nyc
Marquee Club in Manhattan
I know, I know. I live in New York and I haven't done a NYC guide at all. weird.  Anyways it might be that I just don't have the time or the money (Hello little online shopping devil). But what I can tell you guys about is something pretty cool. My favorite spot to go out, Marquee. I have such a great time dancing, enjoying my own company and others! Seeing how everyone is laughing, drinking too much sometimes,  and just relaxing in this busy city is somehow therapeutic. 
Isn't forgetting about your problems and just letting the good vibes come into your life the latest trend on earth? If it is, I don't want o miss out and certainly people at Marquee are all about that! I used to be so up tight with parties and drinking that I almost thought it was bad that people did these things, but I read somewhere, that is ok to get drunk, go out, spend money and have a good time, if you want to be that person is fine but don't forget the person you want to become. And that made so much sense. 
I started going out with my best friend Belen when she came for a month to NYC and sometimes I used to feel bad that I spent most of my nights out instead of sleeping so I could have a productive day the next day, but the truth is, I was actually productive the next day, I went to work did my things, made some money, enjoyed life and still was pursuing what I wanted to become. And still to this day I do the exact same thing (with a little less partying I would say) but I go out, enjoy the time and when it is time to work I do it 100%. It is all about balance people
And yes I do like to go out now! It is crazy but I enjoy so much going out now and the funny thing is that I go by myself because none of my friends like to go clubbing, I love it.

It is Saturday, go out!