New year's eve is here! I have to say I am so grateful of the year that I had.. It started really tough but it improved so much with the days that went by! The picture of the Eiffel tower is so significant to me, because when I was sitting down in the grass watching that amazing tower I got so emotional that I am travelling in Europe, I am accomplishing my dreams I've created memories, I can do whatever I want, because really the sky is the limit!! 

I entered the school that I wanted, studied what I wanted and I got to meet so incredible people! I can now say I have real friends and that is something I am so grateful for! I really cherish my friendship with them and I wouldn't change them at all! Well, this year was really a working kind of year because it was non stop! But I enjoyed so much I have to say it was one of the years that I most enjoyed of my life... or at least those 4 years that I spent in high school (which were living hell, except for one year) So now be able to really enjoy the year is such a relief! 

I got to go to incredible countries and meet so amazing people, I got to know London, Paris, Prague, Madrid, Marbella, Cordoba, Costa del Sol, Rhonda, Andalucía, Marrakesh, Fez, Rabat, Tanger, Casablanca, Meknes, I even went on a boat all the way in the strait of Gibraltar!!! It was just a dream month were I met friends for life and got so much closer with the ones that I already knew, it was a magical month, were I learnt so much, I grew as a person and just everything that I thought got stronger. I would love if I could have gone to the US (since it is my country and I love it to death) But I needed to focus on school because of the travel to Europe we missed like 2 weeks and in fashion design 2 weeks is like A LOT. 

Moving on with the year, my cousin got pregnant and had her baby girl back in April which is so adorable! I had really amazing adventures that I took for granted and now I regret not have been able of really consider them, a lot of dreams came true! And if that wasn't the best year of all my life, recently I decided for good that I was going to move out to Miami Beach babeeeees, I am going to comer more dreams true because I loved the experience of accomplishing them and to be honest that is the place for me, it is going to be tough at first but I know I will love it, oh and finishing I just want to say thanks for following me on twitter, instagram, blogger and being regular readers of my blog! I love that so much!! Lets have a great NYE and hope you have an amazing 2013!! Love you guys so much!! 

My Year in Instagram!

Wanted to share with you guys what's been my year so far on Instagram (RAFAELLAONLINE) Since getting a car, the birth of my cousin's baby girl to my amazing European trip for one month! Seriously this year couldn't have been any better!

My Tracklist for 2012!

This is my track list from this year! My top 10 songs with a PLUS that remind me of this AWESOME 2012! 

1.- One Thing by One Direction. My travel to Europe 1 month. 

2.- Primadonna by Marina and the Diamonds.  My travel to Europe 1 month. 

3.- Some Boys by Death Cab for Cutie.  My travel to Europe 1 month. 

4.- The Walk (Caggie"s advert) Discovering the amazing London town. 

5.- Dance all night by Jessica Wright. Discovering the amazing London town. 

6.- Carousel by Morning Parade. Thinking about my plans to go to London 

7.- Love Love Love by Avalanche City. Just how wonderful life is <3.

8.- Wild Ones by FloRida ft Sia. My adventures hahaha. 

9.- Smoke without Fire by Duffy. The plane from Paris to Prague. 

10.- Dont Judge me by Chris Brown. amazing times <3. 

PLUS- Just the two of us. 

Back to the subject.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones and you are having an amazing day today! I received so many things that I absolutely loved! But now I feel I have to be back on track! Let's talk about one of my fav trends! 

Youtube Channel RE-Launching!


I started my YouTube channel last Summer (winter for the majority of you) and I just didn't do more because I didn't find the time and actually didn't liked the content I was giving, so it wasnt a 110% job I am use to give, but now that I am moving out to the United States I will have more opportunities to show you real things just for you, or the majority of the countries! 

Christmas Eve!

It's Christmas Eve!!  I hope you have a wonderful day today, a wonderful Christmas dinner and you get to spend your day with your loved ones! I've been caught up with all the presents and dinner arrangements and a few days ago my dad just told me something so important we sometimes forget. This is a Holiday were we remember the born of Jesus, the gifts are just something symbolic you give and we should be celebrating that (my respect to other religions) We should focus on spending the time with our families and friends and last, the presents! 

The year is coming to an end!

This year could not ended in a better way! Yesterday I got told such an amazing news! I swear you all are going to love it from the bottom of your hearts and I am so excited to finally be sharing the news on January 8th (Yep, my birthday! ) I am beyond excited and there is going to be another surprise in March! Will THAT will make happy a lot more people!

Under your feet!

I am a huge fan of shoes, and I cannot have enough of them. Every single week I go online to feed my obsession and let me tell you DO NOT DO IT ! Well, if you haven't shop anything for weeks you are totally allowed to! But if you buy shoes every 2 weeks this is a NO NO ! 

Gift ideas for Xmas!

Here are my top 3 always-bought-presents for Christmas  Since here it is summer all of my ideas tend to be bright colored or beach style. 

Festivities are coming!

Something new, something sparkly and some print never goes wrong in NYE festivities!!! or even Christmas! Be bold, sexy and always elegant. That's why I love a very wise quote! 


Pastels are such pretty colors and so feminine! Perfect for summer and for winter! You can add color to your super grey winter outfits and it is a very low key shade for those bright days in summer! 

Don't let the winter interfere

Winter for you, Summer for me... My dream Christmas would be with snow and keeping warm with a hot chocolate and just cuddling in a penthouse to see all New York .. But now I just have to get comfy with my air conditioning and shorts!  

3 Key pieces this Christmas!

Christmas is just days around! I love the holiday season and every single year I wish here was winter to see some snow during Christmas!  Here are my 3 must pieces for Xmas eve! (one of them is for winter Xmas ;) ) 

I am begging!

I've been in the hunt for a fedora almost 2 years now but I never can find one that's perfect, first it was the on-trend beach fedora with the black strap and now I am in the search for a colored one, like red, navy blue or burgundy! Even black.. am I going to succeed this time? I will let you guys know what's up! ;) Remember to follow me on twitter or instagram @rafaellaonline ! 

Hey December!

December is here, it arrived yesterday and the countdown already begun for Christmas and New Year's Eve! It is amazing how the times really does flies and in little bit of a month we will already be in 2013! 

Knit the story

Chunky knitted sweaters are the best for those cold winter days and even if I am in Summer right now, oh well, spring... These sweaters really steal my heart every single time I see them! 

Let the Holiday BLING!

 This holiday season is all about the sequins! And so many stores are having so many options for you to buy the best that suits your body and your personality! 

Cyber Monday is just around the corner

I know I know I keep apologizing because I haven't been very into blogging this month! But I am here to tell you, is not that you don't already know, but Cyber Monday is TOMORROW! And since I am not living (NOW) in the US the deals on cyber Monday will be AMAZING! 

Be Bold!

Seriously? Could you resist a very bold colorful handbag? I bet you can't! At least I can't! Such a pretty statement and such a fun way to add some spicy thing to your outfit! 

Back from the 90's

 Oh my, oh my! I am seriously in love with these! Such pretty pieces and so Rock and roll chic! I am definitely in to them and you should too! If they are too expensive at your local fashion stores try for some vintage at a thrift store because the 90's were all about denim jackets! 

My experience as a Fashion Designer!

It's been such hectic couple of weeks! School works has my head hanging on a tree but now I can say I am a little bit more relaxed since the fashion show it is only 5 days away! I created a skirt and a top with crazy designs and materials (Something you probably wouldn't wear on your daily basis)

Channeling Chanel

I think Chanel is one of the designer brands that describes the more of luxury and classiness  Yes, more than LV, D&G and more ... I think the brand has a perfectly sense of fashion statement but very elegant and showing some edge in their clothes! I have to say I am just another Chanel lover! 


I've been all in Miami style lately so I decided to post some pretty styles that are a great outfit to wear during super hot days! Miami or wherever in the world! 

Watch some bits.

I am a huge fan of accessories and I love to combine them with different stuff! So this clutch with rings on it is so appealing to my eyes!!! I believe is Alexander McQueen but I am not sure, though I think it is 90% ...

Yeeees baby!

I've been so busy with university and other stuff which I am sooooo excited about... because .... I AM FINALLY MOVING TO MIAMI! So with college stuff I have to prepare everything cause I am leaving in only 4 months! I cannot believe my dream is about to come true and finally I will have a house of my own (or maybe with a roommate)

Shining bell.

I remember when I was deciding what to wear for prom and decided about a totally sequined dress and of course I couldn't find one anywhere ! Until I found it on a website, now is a whole different story sequined dresses are making a huuuuuge comeback! 

Baroque Lust

Baroque lust

I've been so busy writing my essay for the university I am applying in Miami that I haven't had the proper time to dedicate myself to the blog! Anwyays now that I am done with my essay and I am all about Baroque why not sharing this amazing Polyvore set? I made this myself and below you will have all the details on where to get these amazing pieces! 

Hat Obssss

I love hats like this one in the picture! And I have been searching for them everywhere and of course in my country I was unsuccessful with my searching but I found an amazing one in Brown in ! 

Pop to your Eyes!

I had the necessity of sharing this picture with you guys! This necklace took my breathe away! I don't even know if it is a necklace but this neck piece is soooo beautiful! I think is so pop to your eyes and the huge contrast with the black top is perfect to caught someone¡s attention in a very stylish way!