I know I know I keep apologizing because I haven't been very into blogging this month! But I am here to tell you, is not that you don't already know, but Cyber Monday is TOMORROW! And since I am not living (NOW) in the US the deals on cyber Monday will be AMAZING! 

I just kind of posted what are my musts at the moment and what I expect to shop this CyberMonday! The military trend is super cool and I just desire a military jacket, I remember to have seen a lot of them in London and I just regret not getting one... Also I love those T-shirts with designer names like YSL, CC (Chanel) or Céline, so I expect to find one this Cybermonday!  And those lace shorts in black and white have been in my mind for like a whole year so I am searching searching searching for them! 

Also I want to go more onto the rocker chic style this summer so a cool jacket like this one below would be a great addition. And of course I am so lacking of statement necklaces that I really expect to buy at least one! And never forget those high waisted vintage shorts! I am actually into the process of making my own so let's see how that goes!