Lady like.

It is no surprise that soft hues and simple silhouettes make a great outfit! And immediately we think about a very lady like style when looking at this fabulous trends! here are 5 tips on how to look like a lady super easy! 

Surprise... down!

I am in loooove of these pants! actually I am in love with everything I post on my blog (I¡m sorry is kind of my guilty pleasure hahaha). But talking serious this trend is so feminine and so classic and elegant! 

Platforms baby!

I am obsessed with shoes with platforms and yes I am addicted to Louboutin ones! He really designs the best shoes of all times!

How to pack smart - Comfy vs not-so-great.

Final! Yes my latest post of how to pack smart ! Comfortableness vs that not-so-great piece I wanted to bring! I know everyone has an experience with these kind of pieces but now you won't have it anymore! 

How to Pack smart- The pop of Color!

Part 2 of my how to pack smart! Yesterday were the basics now are the pop of color! Are you ready to go far with your outfits but not wasting any space at all!? 

How to Pack Smart - The basics!

Now that I am such a pro of packing (yes I am going on a trip again !) I wanted to give you my advice of how to pack smart for a 5-7 day trip! Today are the basics you need to bring with you! 

Big plans require big bags!

Oh yes! I am seeing myself catching a plain in a couple of weeks now! I am so excited to be going to Argentine with my friends for a Latin american Fashion event!!! But with this all the over packing stress gets on me again !!!

Spring time!

The sun finally decided to go out so I am in the mood for a pretty summer entry! Well... in 2 days or maybe tomorrow (I am not very good at astronomic) I know that spring will start and let me tell you HOW excited I am! I am tired with the cold and I am so ready for the super high temperatures to come! 

Mixing too much!

Quick entry since I don't have a lot of time right now! Love the mixing of prints in this outfit and I never thought this too much drawings would look so pretty! Anyways, enjoy  !:)

Jenny Packham fav's!

The moment I saw Kate Middleton with a Jenny Packham in a red carpet in Hollywood very little time after she married prince William I fell in LOVE with the style of this designer! 

The sleek CK.

Known for the simplicity, classiness and super elegant silhouettes Calvin Klein did honor its characteristics in this NY Fashion Week! 

DVF Obsession!

One of my favorite long time designers is Diano Von Frustenberg, I love how she mixes simple and classic pictures but adding that color pop that make the clothes for every single personality in this world! 

Arm Candy!

I am a huge fan of bangles and chunky rings, and I have to say this arm candy is definitely up to my standards! Don't you love it too? 

Yacht Experience

Very quick post! Since spring is just 10 days away and it almost feels like summer, decided why not posting, pink neon, Black&White stripes and white Chanel bag? 

Maxi Moroccan

Well, let's keep on my trip trends! Morocco... such a wonderful place! It was very different from what I am used to and definitely it was an eye opener experience..

Charlotte Ronson, NY Fashion Week.

Charlotte Ronson, Spring 2013 in New York Fashion Week.

VMA's Dress&Gossip

I know it is a little bit late, but better later than never right? As you all know the VMA's were on Thursday 6 Spt. (wow, really late actually) But I could not resist not posting my best dressed list and some gossip about this crazy award show! 

Camera ready?

I am seeing my self in the rushing of wanting to buy a new camera! First to start, I do have a great camera, sometimes better than a SLR one but I have to say I can accomplish that very focused on you very blur background effect.

Capricho, I LOVE IT!

Hi people! So I got emailed by this company and they wanted to send me a nail polish for me to try! Here are my thoughts about the new Capricho Nail polishes here in Chile!

Versace inspired!

I'm crazy about baroque print, it is inspired by the versace print and it combines the gold, navy blue and black all together. This trend is really on its high up and yes I did fell over this by buying a super cool sheer baroque blouse from Primark in London !

Spanish Statement.

Another trend across the whole Europe, but I have to say I think it stand out more in Spain, The Statement Necklace. I love how simple outfits can be change with these crazy jewelry pieces! And the best, they are not expensive at all! (unless you choose a gold one or real jewelry!)

London Trend!

A huge trend that I saw on the streets of London was the printed jeans, wether are flowers, polka dots or tribal designs, these kind of jeans are taking the streets tremendously! 

European style.

It is a new month and that means 30 days of pure The Style Stash super cool entries! As you may already know I was travelling in Europe for a whole month and let me tell you It was the BEST experience EVER! I cannot believe my dream came true and got to see some incredible things in incredible parts of the world! My trip included London, Paris, Prague, Morocco and Spain.