Oh yes! I am seeing myself catching a plain in a couple of weeks now! I am so excited to be going to Argentine with my friends for a Latin american Fashion event!!! But with this all the over packing stress gets on me again !!!

Now that I am a true traveler (I traveled to like 5 different countries in only one month! and got the opportunity to go on a boat,planes and train!) I know what I need! And the first time I used this kind of preparing outfits before leaving really worked! I am going to do that all over again, but now I am looking for a big handbag that I can carry everything I need to this trip! 

Since we will be from 10 am to 19pm standing up going around and chatting with different designers I want to  be comfortable, but as fashion as it is OF COURSE I will wear my heels, but who knows if I get tired after 12 hour walks!? Here I put the kind of bags that I need and I just have one birkin kind of bag so I have the perfect excuse to go shopping!!!

But as dressy and glam I want to be OF COURSE I will bring my converse to add a little bit of chill out feeling to one of my outfits, anyway I need to check out the weather and really start planning the outfits now!!