It is no surprise that soft hues and simple silhouettes make a great outfit! And immediately we think about a very lady like style when looking at this fabulous trends! here are 5 tips on how to look like a lady super easy! 

First tip: A great way to look like a lady is to wear 3 or 4 inch heels just like Kate Middleton but some of us have an addiction for high heels so if you want to look very lady like or princess like try soft colors and mary-jane style heels! Grey, or peach are great options! 

2nd tip! Being a lady doesn't mean being boring! But simple pieces can make a great outfit, always remember less is more so try a very simple skirt! either is plate style or just a pencil skirt it will look great with simple peaces! 

Third tip... Pastel colors, do I need to say something more? 
4th tip: Lace! you can transform this to super sexy or super lady just by changing heels, handbags and accessories! 

And last but not least! 5th tip! A great gem statement necklace or piece of jewelry in soft tones! That will bring a vintage air to yourself and you will look and feel like Marie Antoinette!