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Remember I am selling these lovely shoes? They are still ON SALE 
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I am still shocked of what happened in our country! It seems that the bad news keeps on coming!! We just need to be positive and let's pray for the 17 people that are still missing!! (4 are confirmed dead) Also we need to pray for the 4 ones that were found dead this morning! Yesterday I received a post from someone saying that the guys form the TV weren't the only ones in the plane, I want to make it very clear that is true! there were 21 people on that plane doing a great work for our country and they were there for an amazing cause! 

That makes me put everything in perspective. We are living in a place that lots of children are claiming to a better education! that is absolutely valid! BUT firing up schools? destroying them? that is not fighting for a cause! that is being a person with lack of sense in their souls and head! I know that a lot of us don't want people to destroy but still they want to go out in the streets to be protestants of this movement, but take care of the actions YOU DO! I am still in shock and I feel that I can't post fashion entries nor tweet about random stuff... I would feel like that is not right! I've been watching the news all morning since 6am and I woke up to pray at 4.. so a little effort is NOTHING! Let's be positive and let's keep this good energy because I want to wake up that Monday or during the week and watch all that people on the daily programs they have! STRENGTH, PEACE, Love and Positiveness to everyone out there! My prayers are for you!
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Please make ur followers pray 4 people involved in a plane accident in chile! Thestylestash.com more info there pls HELP!!!