Oscars 2016

Naomi Watts / Charlize Theron / Jennifer Lawrence
Finally Leo got his Oscar and we got amazing fashion to discuss! I'm gonna be sweet and short since I believe there's too much buzz around the Oscars to add one more. But my favorites are Charlize Theron in a beautiful red Christian Dior dress, doesn't she look like a true Hollywood movie star!?

Then Jennifer Lawrence also in a Christian Dior, love the bold top and the whole look is impecable just how I like it, the perfect amount of black. Margot Robbie shining gold in a Tom Ford gown and Naomi Watts in Armani Privé, weird but I kinda like it!  

Spring wishlist

Apparently spring is approaching fast and that means... good weather and NYC! (I am seriously so excited to go back). That I decided to do a little collage on spring must haves this years, taking in consideration the colors, silhouettes and prints!  


We all need a little #beachlife right? And mine was absolutely delightful! Somewhat boring but still relaxed and a great time to spend with my family. I went to the beach almost everyday, enjoyed the sun and played with my cousin's kids. Really don't count the days, make the days count!  

Shop some beach attire below! 

Little thoughts...

Hello! ( I feel like a few times I say a proper Hello to y'all quoting How to be single). Lately I've been way more personal on the blog, like sharing more lifestyle advice rather than fashion and I don't particularly think is a bad thing but it may be something that not everyone likes and that leads me to something I was thinking today. 

3 ways to feel relaxed

Lately has been so hard to relax. Everywhere. We are all consumed by our lives and the things that go around us that sometimes even when we are "relaxed" we are still thinking about a million things or what is next on our "to-do list". I am sharing today 3 days to feel relaxed in just 5 minutes. 


Lately I've been obsessed with flats, specially sneakers and booties! But for today I gathered my favorite ones, which are on my wishlist right now! Aren't the neutral colors to die for!? 

How to dress

I've come to the conclusion that I dress my best when I'm in NYC (still is so surreal to say "when I'm in NYC as if I am here on vacation, which I am!) And I honestly don't know the exact reason why this happens to me and my wardrobe (?). I wouldn't say is the pressure of looking your best there because in the US you have freedom of speech and that comes with a freedom on how to dress, but I think there's like a thought in the back of my head that I really need to step up my clothing game while I am there. Also a great way to just add that little something, is great shoes! and lately I've been buying too many boots!

Dark as your lipstick

Dark lipsticks are one of my favorite things, I probably have too many and I have no shame! They can dress up an outfit or give an edge to a very feminine flower dress. I am going to be very humble here (sarcastic) I have been blessed with great lips, but some people can struggle with dark lipsticks, so if that's the case, always use a lipliner first so it will make it easier for you to fill in with the lipstick and touch up any not-so-perfect lines.

5 ways to avoid the cold in NYC

NYC is extremely cold these days and having fashion shows is not helping right? I mean, New York fashion week is on its full swing and with these extremely cold temperatures you have to look fashionable but being warm at the same time! So I gather 5 little ways to avoid the cold in NYC! 

14 Gifts for Valentine's Day

Enjoy your Valentine's shopping! Even if you are single! 

Trend or Fad?

First, do you know what a Fad is? in simple words, a trend that is so fast that it just can't be a trend. From the moment is created to the moment the masses have them and then reject it (in a whirlwind). that is a fad.

Spring palette

I was going to start with ' Oh spring is fast approaching' reality is. It isn't. I'm in the summer in Chile and where I live (NYC) is winter. Although is approaching I wouldn't say fast but who cares?

Gray obsession

I don't know if I am too much of a trend follower (although I like trends but never wear them, sometimes) but gray has been one of my obsessions. It started in NYC when I needed a turtle neck gray sweater so I could wear it underneath a black faux fur coat (which never got any of those).