Wish List!

Hey everyone! I found this cute way to organize my mind in the things that I want! I will be posting different Wish list sets monthly, or when is going to be my birthday, or when I am going to travel somewhere or something like that.

Art of the week - Back in the days...

I decided just giving only one month for this "Art of The Week" post and this is my last one so I wanted to share these awesome drawings! I love how they capture that perfect look and thinking! Be sure to inspire yourself and let the love and peace manage your world!

Burgundy fun!

As I am not a very big fun of red (in clothes, because lipsticks... I'm all yours) I found a great way to replace it with something very similar, and a super winterish color! Burgundy. When red is sexy, burgundy is sultry! I just found that burgundy has a little mystery style and I love that kind of thing! 

Model Spotlight - Karlie Kloss

Karlie Kloss, lately she have been under the public eye and I don't mean like Lindsay Lohan style, it is just her beauty and her amazing walking down the runway that made her one of the most required models lately. I love her spirit, so cheerful, happy and like a little girl! 


Comfy, sexy, casual, fabulous, amazing ... I don't know until which word I could end talking about platforms and wedges! These kind of shoes have to be my favorite of all times, because they are easy to walk with, they are so beautiful, and sometimes they have the more crazy designs! 

Friendship Bracelets Round 2

OMG I am so obsessed with this bracelets lately! and I don't know whereto shop the ones of this picture above! I AM IN LOVE ... I've never try to search for them so hard until I saw this picture and realize I had a bunch more in my computer! 

Colors still going!

This huge Color blocking trend it really kicked the last year and this year it doesn't look like it's going away! I have here one of my favorite pictures. I love bright colors and they put me in a great mood! 

You accessory that can be accessorized!

Hey people! It's been a long time since I haven't upload any video and I promise this week I will post one! Now coming to the accessories theme of this entry ... Handbags, I know  I have posted a lot of handbags but this is an accessory that can be accessorized... How?

Embellished heart shaped.

I love the color of the beads, the sequins, even the ribbon around the waist gives it a great touch. You can think that maybe is too much sparkle and embellishment because of the dress and the clutch, but the ribbon breaks that whole effects and it is super cute! 

Model Spotlight - Miranda Kerr

Is not a surprise that I am a huge fan of Victoria's Secret and today I wanted to do the weekly model Spotlight (Yes, another weekly related post!) and it is all about Miranda Kerr! 

Selling Make up Brushes High Quality!

Hello people! My mom is launching her brand in a couple days, I will reveal the name soon,  and today I wanted to share some of the things she is selling! Not to mention that I will be having collections in her store too and this make up brushes are both ... me and my mom's choice! We are very excited (she is too!) and I want to share this amazing make up brushes she is selling! 

They are amazing! The whole set includes 12 piece brush set, silk sponge, mascara brush, concealer, shadow, blush, powder, etc you will see them all in the pictures below! They are amazing! we sell the brush set for only 30 Dollars! (It doesn't include shipping) and we also sell each brush at a different price, not to say (ejem, again) buying the whole set is way more convenient for you! 
If you want to buy just contact me info@thestylestash.com or  rafaellaonlineblog@gmail.com .. easy, secure and amazing shopping experience !

Showing your sweet side.

I love how we (women) can pull up the transitions of dressing super rock star style and very dark, and one moment to another, super sweet and feminine just like a ballerina! 


I feel it's been years since I haven't post this kind of entries! and the moment I saved this picture in my computer I knew I HAD to share it with you guys, isn't just amazing!?!?! I love the metallic, gold, silver and black combination.

Rock up the Edgy style!

Hey people! I can't believe February is going so fast and now vacations are almost over so that means we are going to autumn but in my lovely countries... spring! But this entry is more about the edgy kind of rock style so .. Enjoy!

How to Dress for Fashion Week.

So here I am bringing you how to dress super fashionable just like if you were going to New York Fashion Week! The Link of this set is This one so if you love some of the things up there you can buy them straight there! 

Happy Valentine's Day !

Happy Valentine's Day! I am so excited, though I have no one to celebrate it with, but still! I love this day, everything is so pink and red and just pure love and comprehension! and of course a little bit of sexiness and flirty words!

Art of the week - Inspirational Quotes

 I want to share this amazing inspirational quotes with you guys! I think every time in a while is important to look at this and start adding them to your life! For new beginnings  and more!

Weekend Planning - Big Event

If you are planning to attend a big event at night, like a red carpet or a big store launch or maybe a sibling's birthday ... it doesn't matter teh excuse, a great polished outfit will always make a difference!

Warm up with style!

Coats, blazers, jackets and more ways to warm up during winter! A great way to mix up prints, textures, shapes and sizes. These pieces are perfect if you want to start layering and adding another look to your outfit this winter! 

Goddess Handcuffs!

We all want to look like a Greek goddess... At least me, one of my dreams is to go back to the Greek era and being Aphrodite ! Now it is way more easy with these amazing gold or silver handcuffs! (Jewelry) 

Pink Accents

I don't know what is happening to me right now, but lately I've been in love with pink ... well fuchsia actually and when I was little I never liked the color! I love accents as you all know, and I love to bring the attention to a special thing, that's why today I am presenting to you my Pink Accents! 

Art of the week - Pretty Pictures

Pretty pictures.. uhhh I love them! They are so unique and some of them have so many style into them! It is a perfect way to say things without actually speaking! 

All black.

What do you think when I tell you All black? What is the first thing that comes up to your mind? ... Yes mine too, black makes you look thinner and classier. And in too much, Gothic hahaha.

Weekend Planning - Valentine's Day Lunch!

Valentine's Day is approaching and here are a few ideas for a very romantic lunch with your loved one! Enjoy this really laid back and relax but still very cute and romantic style I selected for the lovely couples!

My piece of Closet!

I wanted to share a little of organization tips! Here is part of my wardrobe and I don't have an official vanity in my bedroom but this is kind of a "nail" vanity for me or at least a fashion one. 

Tie my nails!

Remember my last video where I talked about iPhone or Blackberry? and I showed you my nails that day? ... well here are a more detailed pic of them! As I said before, they could have been much perfect but I like how they turned out!