I love how we (women) can pull up the transitions of dressing super rock star style and very dark, and one moment to another, super sweet and feminine just like a ballerina! 

I love the gold and white combinations when it comes to femininity and the blazers with blouses can make you look super polished but adding the right colors and accessories, you will look such a sweetheart! Although some people don't like to be dressed like "sweethearts" you can still look feminine choosing the right clothes!  

I love chiffon dresses, and those are the perfect excuse to be feminine, specially in pastels and beige and white.. and ... all of those sweet colors! Adding the over the knee socks you will look a little bit more interesting but still super cute! 

The bow ties shirts or blouses are such a trend lately so be sure to have one... or even a dress like this one below, it reminds me of the old school type of .. schools. hahaha. When the girls wore dresses or skirt that where very long and sometimes little hats.. such a movie type!