Hey everyone! I found this cute way to organize my mind in the things that I want! I will be posting different Wish list sets monthly, or when is going to be my birthday, or when I am going to travel somewhere or something like that.

Now I wanted to start with the things that I want and I am looking for them, though some of them I can't afford but some time I will.

Here it comes: 

1- Colored Blazers: I couldn't put all the colored blazers that I want but in the upcoming wish lists I will be sure to include them.. For now I really want an orange and pink/fuchsia blazers! I just love how they look and I only look for Boyfriend blazers, so chic, elegant but very casual!

2-Love Pink Hoodie: Same story as always, I'm in love with VS! So I definitely should include a hoodie that I want and a pair of pants too! 

3-Burgundy skinny Jeans: As I said on an entry before.. I really want a pair of burgundy jeans so that way I can wear them with boots this winter! 

4- Juicy Couture Tracksuit: This were so in fashion one time... but for me are a MUST I love hanging around with tracksuits and I am really looking up for a Juicy Couture Coral one! or pink, or blue, or black, or in every color! hahaha.

5- Juicy Couture Handbag: The first time I discovered Juicy Couture (We don't have one in Chile) I was completely in love with their handbags and this one has been in my mind for a really long time! The moment I get it I will be SO HAPPY! 

6-Balmain inspired zipper boots: As I cannot afford to buy Balmain boots, I am looking for an inspired pair.. I've already seen ones that I loved but they wasn't in my size, and I saw them like 2 years ago :(. 

7- Friendship Bracelets: I don't know why but I am so in love with these ones! specially in neon colors! I bought some cute ones in Forever21 !! I'm going to do a haul and try to upload it today or tomorrow!

8-Orange Maxi Skirt: I saw a picture with a fuchsia tank top, gold belt and this maxi orange skirt... and I completely fell in love! it is just sooooo pretty! and the whole outfit in itself! .

I want to here which are your wish lists for this months!! Have a nice day!