If you are planning to attend a big event at night, like a red carpet or a big store launch or maybe a sibling's birthday ... it doesn't matter teh excuse, a great polished outfit will always make a difference!

Big events a.k.a Long dresses a.k.a lovely gowns! Of course if you want a more "casual" looking, you can pair a nice maxi skirt with a great top, and never forget the jewelry, specially the gold ones! They make you super elegant and perfect for a super formal event! 

Stilettos are THE thing! So if you want to look taller, slimmer, prettier, sexier and classier.... don't keep your heels at home! Bring them with you and you will look just like a Hollywood movie Star!

For colors is very simple, white black, blue and red are perfect, and beige and creams too! These colors never go out of fashion and always look super chic and elegant!