Hello people! My mom is launching her brand in a couple days, I will reveal the name soon,  and today I wanted to share some of the things she is selling! Not to mention that I will be having collections in her store too and this make up brushes are both ... me and my mom's choice! We are very excited (she is too!) and I want to share this amazing make up brushes she is selling! 

They are amazing! The whole set includes 12 piece brush set, silk sponge, mascara brush, concealer, shadow, blush, powder, etc you will see them all in the pictures below! They are amazing! we sell the brush set for only 30 Dollars! (It doesn't include shipping) and we also sell each brush at a different price, not to say (ejem, again) buying the whole set is way more convenient for you! 
If you want to buy just contact me info@thestylestash.com or  rafaellaonlineblog@gmail.com .. easy, secure and amazing shopping experience !