Coats, blazers, jackets and more ways to warm up during winter! A great way to mix up prints, textures, shapes and sizes. These pieces are perfect if you want to start layering and adding another look to your outfit this winter! 

I love military jackets, well actually, every single jacket I am in love with ... but those with the gold button detail really steal my heart every time I pass by one in the mall! They are perfect if you want to look super polished and elegant! But in a fun color you will look like a fun person to hang out with!

As I said before, they are perfect to mix prints, sizes and shapes and etc... but leopard print sweater or jackets are awesome, the edgy fun style you want to give people can be pulled off with this great piece! 
Layers and crochet style is super cute and romantic, perfect for a lovely winter sunset with that loved one, and specially if Valentine's Day is coming!