So here I am bringing you how to dress super fashionable just like if you were going to New York Fashion Week! The Link of this set is This one so if you love some of the things up there you can buy them straight there! 

It is really simple what do you need:

1- Leather Jacket: it can be leather, it can be silk, it can be whatever you want but a nice edgy and statement jacket is the perfect piece for NYFW. 

2- Big pleated skirt: Bright colors are super in this season and this skirt is definitely my fav, it has a little bit of high waist so you will look very polished and your legs will look longer.

3- Silk Scarf: Perfect for the cold and more perfect if you are wearing basics like the jacket and the skirt, this will be your other statement piece but the print is the one who will steal the spotlight! 

4- Designer bag: My fav is this tiny Chanel bag, cute, elegant and beautiful, be sure to have something from a designer when you go to Fashion week, because Macy's or Sears is not approved here. 

5- Great chunky heel: If you are walking all over New York City you will need comfy shoes, I am not a big fan of flats that's why a nice chunky heel will make the difference between comfy and stylish without wearing boring flats!

6- Belt: To make the hour-glass shape and adding a little bit of spiciness to your outfit! 

7- Gold watch: I am obsessed with these watches so now they would be definitely my must in Fashion Week! 

8- Old school Sunglasses: That morning sun super shiny will be the great excuse to wear this cool sunnies! 

9- Nude Heels: So if you don't feel like wearing a chunky heel and with statement color or design PLUS if you are not going to run all over NY Nude stiletto heels are perfect for this kind of outfit! 

10- Red Lipstick: It can be any lipstick actually but adding that touch, classy and polished will be your two words!