Things that make me happy

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Play 'Here comes the sun' by The Beatles.

I've never been a Beatles fan, not because I don't like them, is just I really never listen to them, but there's one song that I love and is not the above one, but it sounds amazing as a soundtrack for this post. Things that make me happy ... There are a ton, but I'll try to summarize for the sake of my fingers and your eyes.

Editorial love

Editorial is one of my biggest loves when it comes to fashion shoots, their pictures are somehow mysterious and obvious, it is a paradox in itself and I love how versatile models and photographers can be in just one shoot. 

A great way to start 2017.

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Oh Miami. The city of my dreams, my paradise on earth and the main reason why I fell in love with the US. It was awesome to spend the holidays with the fam and friends, nice summer break (for this summer baby, because today is my birthday AND I was born in the summer in Chile, so.... winter is definitely not my thang). 
I decided to give myself a little treat and what better way to start the year and the birthday weekend with a quick trip to the city I love... Miami Beach!

Everyday details

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Flowers are my weakness now and the good vibes are a must in my life. I try to do everything with love and with a good attitude and of course adding some stylish details into my daily life! I cannot wait to get a vase and flowers for my office!