Halloween as a Leopard

Happy Halloween everybody! Even though it is one of my favorites festivities of all times I didn't get the chance to upload tutorials, and more costume ideas (I know, I am very sorry) But I am sharing with you my costume from 2 years ago.. I know it is "old" but it is really hard for me to do something every Halloween since I am pretty sure someone cursed me with this date! Have a very fun night and be safe Xo! Share your costumes with me using the Hashtag #TSSHalloween !

Nail art week.

I am so obsessed with nail art and there was a time I stop doing it for at least 3 or 4 months! And now I decided every Sunday I should do a new design and that's the reason why I am sharing this with you guys! Don't you love all the designs!? Personally my favorites are the ones above. BTW I have 2 tutorials (videos) of nail art but I just can't edit them because the movie softwares are failing on me.. so I promise I will post them as soon as I get them ready! 

The Transition

I've been so busy revamping the blog  and I am so excited how it turned out that I haven't had the time to write a post .. this week I can a sure you it will be a kind of transitional period cause I need to figure out some blog posts, more revamping stuff and quality for you, so be gentle! BTW I love this outfit, isn't it so pretty?

Transitional things

Days like this,makes me feel like finally I am on the same period of time as the US.. the transition for fall and we, the transition of summer... although its been really cold here almost like fall not as winter and I am missing the sunny days already! I think I am in love with the sun and I am ready to move to Miami or some place in the Caribbean. 

Spooky Series. "Costume Ideas"

Halloween is one of my favorite festivities but at the same time the worst ones.. I believe I have a course on Halloween cause every time I plan something it ruins at the last minute, with the exceptions of some years as I told you before. In these Spooky Series for Halloween I will be sharing with you Costume ideas, cause sometimes is really hard to choose what to dress up like!

My Make up Favorites!

I wouldn't call myself a make up guru, but when it comes to make up and brushes I am a total fan! I normally don't go to brand that are no recognize by millions of people, but I do have to say some of them end up being pretty cool. What I love about make up are the brushes, call me stupid but I love to have tons (Even though I don't own that many) 

Black & White European Style.

The black and white candids are still coming, and these ones are from my trip to Europe last year! Even though there are missing a lot of countries here, I wanted to share the ones that I really wanted to know at the time which it was London and Paris!

The reason why

 2 Things first, I don't what is going on with myself that I am buying and attracted to everything in black .. and the second thing... HOW I MISSED these kind of posts, these beauties are the reason why I started... Shoes, I fell in love with heels and from that moment I only wanted to blog about them... Sometimes I post random things about shoes, but I have to say, I'm in love with them... and I can't leave 'em. So here is your lovely dose of this awesome obsession. 

The cool shoes.

Today I went shopping, like always, I know. I went with a friend who was wearing such cool shoes!!! They were sandals with platform in Orange (huge trend for the past summer in all of your lovely countries) And since I am really struggling creating the flyer for the shop and I just can't be inspired for days! Thanks to that, a pretty picture that I hope it will inspire us all! Don't forget to follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. @RafaellaOnline ;). 

Moschino Belt

Lately I've been in the save for designer kind of mood and with that being said, I cannot wait to buy this amazing Moschino belt which has been on my mind for at least 3 years... The bad news are in Chile there isn't too many designer store, so ordering it online would cost me 4 times for because of customs, and if I order it on eBay it might not be real, so I am just waiting for the appropriate time. Don-t you love this belt too?

Halloween Inspiration

One of my favorite festivities are about to start, and like all years I won't do a thing.. cause I have a course on Halloween, even though I love to dress up and everything, Halloween's never been a great night for me with the exceptions of a few nights and when I was little and went trick or treating with my mom. I leave you with this Halloween inspired collage and let me know what are you dressing up like this year! 

World wide keys.

With years flying by I've been travelling way more than I would ever imagine. With that being said and you know that I am a shopaholic, these times are the best to splurge but something that I've always loved are key chains, and having one from every part I've been to is amazing. I tried to take pictures of all my key chains but they weren't very nice so I leave you with my favs one. From Argentine, Prague and Brazil! Even though I have tons more from Paris, London, Miami, etc..

The perfect pair.

It's been a busy weekend for me with school work and that's why I didn't have the time to organize my posts at all ! But with a little inspirations searching going on I found this shoes, which I had to share obviously! I adore them and wish they were on my feet right now.

Sunday funday!

I've been so inspired lately and making this collage was extremly difficult.. not because I had too many things that inspired me, it was totally the opposite! From one minute to another I lost all of that thought but at the end those hours of working were worth it!inspire yourself ;) .

Black & White Series / Argentina.

Going to NYC was a life changing thing, sure and now that I got a new camera I am so in love with photography and travels! Lately I've been looking under all those images and found these ones from my trip to Argentine last year.. Black and white series is what I call this, and stay tuned for more B&W from all around the world ;). 

My hands on these!

FINALLY!!!! I got them!!!! I am so excited to finally have in my hands a pair of this beauties! I searched them before I went to NY, in NY and now they finally had in my size!! I've been wanting these for such a long time that it is definitely a good purchase! 

New Items available!

The Millie

I've been adding new items to my store and let me tell you I am so obsessed with the iPhone cases I could seriously get them all and not sell a thing hahaha. Also I added here my most beloved things on my store! be sure to chekc it out! http://ShopTheStyleStash.com You know .. Christmas might come earlier ;)!