Sexy knit dreams

I am a huge fan of big hoodies, Puffy knitwear and chunky heels! What can I say?! I am super tall so always in need of big things lol!

Changing with the time, Must as always.

So I Was going to post about my "weekly round up" but didn't have the enough time to put it all together that's hwy this week's post will be up in Friday including the past 2 weeks! Anyways .. now talking about fashion..  I think I've never posted something related to shorts or maybe too little.

Some fresh air.

As summer is almost here fr the majority of you because the winter is starting to have voice here now. I decided to post about flowy and super chiffon styles!

Designer Addiction

Since you all know I am going away to Europe in 2 months! I am so ready to buy some Hermes, YSL and Michael Kors stuff and I really need your help! 

Floral fest!

I know, I've been a bad person because of my lack of posts! I've been so into my university and work that I have time for nothing more! not even for me (something that is not right at all!) But the floral always gets me in spring/summer spirits ! 

Outfit of the day "Animal Chic"

The moment I got these beautiful shoes in the mail I was stocked since 8th January I've been waiting for them to be in my size ! And the second I saw them in size 9 I was like : BUYING! Hahaha.

My week in pics!

It's been a pretty hectic week and month! That's why I am giving you the my week on instagram! I am seriously in love with this app and one of the reasons I bought my iPhone was to have this app! (backfired since now every cellphone can download instagram hahaha) But anyways here is my week in pics! 

Ilda Di Vico, hat couture!

One morning I woke up and saw my e-mail, guess what Ilda de Vico contacted me so I can share with you guys (FIRST!) the photo shoot she did in Ascot, England. She is a hat designer for 7 years and every piece is designed and hand crafted in Ascot, Berkshire (loooove!) using high- grade materials sourced form the UK. 

How to have a fit body!

I know that a lot of women are worried about their weight, and of course we will always feel a little "insecure" about it (yes, it's normal) I am sharing few secrets to stay fit and loosing weight!! 

DIY: Hot cool Pink nails!

I was missing myself since long time ago I haven't done a great manicure and that it's so rare in me! I felt I was going desperate in the fact that almost 1 month have passed and no cool design on my nails! That's why I am bringing you a little DIY in them :)!

Want to dance?

This wasn't the post I expected to write, but I am so sick that I cannot even stand up to take some pictures of what I was going to blog about. Instead of doing that I am sharing my passion for masks, I love them and I think they are so sexy, you can be so mysterious and such a little girl with them. 

Always by your side!

Yes, it is not like a man, because it will never give you the back an leave, but sometimes something can go wrong, let's say a malfunction so it can give you the back and leave, or actually down and break... anyways, nonsense talking now. But the bags are going to be by your side, always! 

Get your Paris style on!

Since I'm officially going to Paris and London, Marrakesh,etc. I decided to post the monochromatic trend that is hitting now and it is a fact that we all think elegant, classy and chic when seeing monochromatic colors in the street. 

I am going away!!!

Ok, I know I am the worst person ever! today I woke up and realize I haven't post any entry in days!!! It is just been a crazy whirlwind week and I am so excited to tell you lots of stuff! 

Red is not my color.. (MIC)

Red is such a powerful tool for yourself. Red can be destructive, sexy, romantic, sweet and rocker, not to mention, chic, elegant and classy. It is the first time I can see that a color has so many ways to be worn and it can be pretty stylish in every single one.