I am a huge fan of big hoodies, Puffy knitwear and chunky heels! What can I say?! I am super tall so always in need of big things lol!

When I go to Miami one of my first steps is to go to wings and buy lots of souvenirs .. And with that I mean big hoodies ! I am seriously in love with them because they are so comfy if you don't want to step out with super cool outfits! But big hoodies and chunkh knitwear don't have to be ugly! Try something more tight to the body to pair it with and you are so ready to rock!

Always, if you don't want to look unpolished, try adding colors! Maybe a chunky knit in black with some cool pastels or neons, like jeans or mini skirts are a great way! Always tryto spice your outfit and put your instant seal! And if you want to keep with the chunky theme try adding some cool chunky heel peep toe or something like that! Hope you enjoy it and don't forget to follow me on twitter @rafaellaonline
And instagram too! (same nickname) !!!! Xoxo !