So I Was going to post about my "weekly round up" but didn't have the enough time to put it all together that's hwy this week's post will be up in Friday including the past 2 weeks! Anyways .. now talking about fashion..  I think I've never posted something related to shorts or maybe too little.

I think a good short can make your whole body look different, if are too tight and you have big legs, there are some problems, but with the right ones, you definitely can pull off a great outfit! I love how fashion is so versatile and with the days people is creating more and more silhouettes and cuts! 

As a fashion designer now, I get to see things I've never seen before, or at least never get to know the importance about them. Shorts can be Ombre style, scallop cuts or high waisted, but they will always be on trend, why? Because is a must in the summer! and even in winter, cute tights and you are ready to rock!