Ok, I know I am the worst person ever! today I woke up and realize I haven't post any entry in days!!! It is just been a crazy whirlwind week and I am so excited to tell you lots of stuff! 

I am going to Europe one month!!!! And I cannot be more excited about it! I will visit so many places, London, Paris, Marrakesh, Madrid, Prague and many more! That's why my head has been in another place, well of course with school subjects too but this trip really has my head going on and on about it! 

The bad part is that I will not go to Miami that early ... but after one month in Europe I will spend like 2 weeks here in Chile and TRIP again! Yup, that's when I am leaving to go to Miami to arrange the last few details to move out! (and expand my closet) hahaha. Anyways I will be posting some crazy wish list to bring with me in this trip to Europe and I cannot be more excited about it! So be patient ! Love you guys so much!!!! 

This year will be really unbelievable!