I know that a lot of women are worried about their weight, and of course we will always feel a little "insecure" about it (yes, it's normal) I am sharing few secrets to stay fit and loosing weight!! 

Always try to drink lots of water and totally cut out sweets or just at first all sodas !!! (Very important step) Try to eat as many fiber as you can but always drink lots of water and mix it with veggies and fruits! 
Try not eating meat for one month and you will feel way much better! Always workout at least 15 minutes ( although 15 minutes you cannot loose weight) if you do it every single day you will get to 45 minutes in no time! And always remember to be thankful about your body and love it, because if you don't nobody will ! 

Those were few tips but I am coming up with something really amazing so stay tune and I will share the secret with you guys! lol.