It's been a pretty hectic week and month! That's why I am giving you the my week on instagram! I am seriously in love with this app and one of the reasons I bought my iPhone was to have this app! (backfired since now every cellphone can download instagram hahaha) But anyways here is my week in pics! 

So this week my grandmother came to our house and she came with her cat and guess what! The little cat was in my bed all day long next to me! I am such an animal lover lol! Also we celebrated mother's day the three of us and I had to take the pic of these beautiful white roses!

For not saying much, I am going to Europe and then Miami, every time I think about travelling I get so homesick (From Miami)! I mean, I miss so much Miami is actually pretty stupid since I don't live there( but I will be living there next year) and I get homesick! 

Also doing my nails got me back in the days when I designed them pretty much 3 times a week! But going with the flow with the memories, a new package with 2 pair of shoes arrived days ago and it feels that my lfie is so amazing so really be grateful!

also in Fashion school I learnt the "Quilling" technique and I am obsessed with it now it is so beautiful! And yesterday I decided to give me a present so I went shopping for a liquid eyeliner and I got the L'oreal liquid liner and it is amazing! and after that I organized my closet so there you go with the before and after pics! hahahaha. Let's pray for another amazing week!