Designer wishlist!

I've always been a designer junkie, I love with all my hear all of this couture pieces and I decided to put just the ones I really need right now! 

After and Before the shows!

I love fashion shows and I love too the street fashion you see after or before they happen! I love the crazy ideas, the statement pieces and the risky choices! Our life is a runway, and when we are going to a show, we just go in a higher level, but remember, your life will always be a fashion show! 

Christian Dior Spring/Summer 13'

The scenery of the runway was breath-taking definitely! I loved the grass and the white contrasts! I was very well surprised with Dior's Fashion Show! 

Atelier Versace S/S 13' Haute Couture

Versace was the first couture show that opened Paris fashion week or Paris Couture Week and really they didn't disappoint  lots of blacks and gold but some neons in there too! It was a mix of everything with the exellent touch of Donatella Versace. 

Secret Garden- Versailles !

This is one of my favorite videos of all times! It was recorded 8 months ago in Versailles... I remember my teacher gave us a look on this video 2 days before we were going to the Palace to go and be tourists. I loved the Versailles Palace, it was magical to realize that there Marie Antoinette walked, talked and who knows what she did there! It was so big and I recommend if you are going there to be at least 1 full week to see all the amazing things Versailles has to offer. Back to the video was shot for Christian Dior and this is the long version! 

Jean Paul Gaultier S/S 13'

Hey couturiers  I feel like it was time for a change so I am going to focus on Paris Fashion week at the moment and what better way to start my posts with the amazing Jean Paul Gaultier?!

Beloved Celine

I am a huge fan of Celine bags! And I am just in love every time I see another color coming out! But I have to be honest, the black is my favorite one by far!

Eclectic self.

Winter shouldn't be an excuse to only wear dark colors! Is the perfect time to bring happiness to rainy days and cold ones with beautiful eclectic colors! And summer is def a great time to wear them too!

Skulls by McQueen.

Personally I am not the greatest fan of skulls, but I do am a big fan of Alexander McQueen. And as you may know he was the one who introduced the skulls into the fashion business and why not sharing this beautiful bracelet with skulls on it? I loved it! 

-100ºC ? No way!

Scarves are pretty much an all year-round accessories, sometimes more warm in winter and more of a chiffon style on summer!

Crazy is not always a good answer.

I am in love with a pair of Timberland combat boots and today just realized they were 30% off so they are at only $100 !!! I really want those and that's the reason of my entry... because I love shoes! I decided to post about them! 

A casual leo

It is super late in my country and my eyes are really closing, but I need to share this pic with you guys! I love the leopard shoes, and the pointy ones are on trend 100%, with a rolled up jean.. I mean the perfect casual-very sexy-super stylish look ! 

Golden Globes 2013

I haven't had the time to share my favorite dresses from the Golden Globes, but here are the pictures of my beloved ones... I love the risky options some took, and I love one dress that wasn't very much for the GG, but it was very pretty, the one with the flowers and white... Anyways take a look ;) 

Be swimsuit READY!

So so so, one of my new year resolutions, and I bet this one is 90% of people's resolution is to loose weight. This days since it was my birthday, reunited with friends for the new year and stuff, I haven't been able to really concentrate on this. That's why I am going to share with you some of my diet or actually my eating and being healthy habits are going to be about. 

Chill day!

It is Saturday and that for me means lunch at my grandma's house! Today is such a chill out day for me and I decided why not posting this beautiful sweater dress? What a better way to dress super casual but adding that kind of fashion with the belt and the watch? LOVE IT ;)

The new black?

The neons are here to stay, but this kind of green/yellow- ish color really caught my attention! Even if you don't think so, this color can be so versatile! 

My beloved!

The whole reason why started to write it was because I was so focused on buying shoes and I just wanted to only write about them! But with the days I just become more and more into fashion so I post about everything, but I will never forget that shoes are a BIG part of my life! And I just fell in love with those in the upper picture! aren't those FABULOUS!? 

Michael Kors Watches for Sale!

Today I am going to post something that you, me and everyone is going to love! And who can tell me doesn't love Michael Kors watches? I mean... I don't think there is anyone in this earth who don't like MK watches!? We are selling all of these in HERE so be sure to check them out! Great price and they are 100% real! Don't you love them?  

Black tie.

There is no wonder why black was my favorite color when I was very young, it goes along with everything and the more black you wear, the thinner you look Now with the years I've been more into colors but black will always play a huge part of my wardrobe. 


I am obsessed with this necklace and the color of the nails just go so well! Lately I've been painting my nails in peach tones, tangerine and the beautiful pink shades! So I am definitely into this picture cause it describes what I am wearing at the moment lol. 

It's a Jean Thing

Happy New Year everyone! I know I know super late, but the festivities got me too busy lol. I hope you had a great time in NYE and I hope you loved what you wore lol . But now that we are starting the year all over again, it is summer here, but this trend works for both winter and summer!